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Plenty of variety at March part-exchange auctions

Wed, 07 Mar 2001
Buyers were spoiled for choice at auction today as March trade-ins started to feed through. The best bargains were among five to eight year olds. A 100,000 mile 96P Nissan 3.0 QX SE sold for £3,350, a 75,000 mile 95M Cavalier 2.0iGLS for £2,500 and a 59,000 mile 96N Fiesta Classic 1.1 for £2,300. Even a smart, metallic grey 90,000 mile 92K Mazda Xedos 6 SE automatic, one of the best looking saloons of all time, ran into the wall at a top bid of £1,900. And older Rovers seriously struggled. Top bid for a 58,000 mile 93L 420 GSi was £875 while £750 was all a 108,000 mile 94L 827Sli auto in Nightfire red could manage. In the middle ground, and still bargains for private buyers, £6,050 bought a 36,000 mile 99T Mondeo 2.0 Zetec in Panther black metallic; £8,500 was enough for a 2000V 24,000 mile Toyota Avensis 2.0SR Liftback; and £8,625 secured a 48,000 mile 99T Peugeot 406 LX 2.0HDI 110bhp Estate. But Focuses are still dear, with all of £8,800 paid for a 15,000 mile 99V 2.0 Ghia in Panther black; £7,250 for a 26,000 mile 99T Peugeot 206 1.6GLX with a/c and sunroof showed that 206s haven’t fallen back much; and the bidding for new shape Renault Clios was actually up on a few weeks ago. A 20,000 mile 99S 1.2RN 5-door sold over book at £5,250. See separate item for news of a Spring Sale of 50 ex Leaseplan convertibles at BCA Blackbushe on Monday 19th March. Full list of UK auction centres in the Directory on this website. To subscribe to BCA Auctionview, giving composite prices achieved and details of cars in upcoming BCA auctions, visit


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