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Manufacturers who cheat emissions test face £50,000 fine per car

Published 11 June 2018

Car manufacturers will face fines of up to £50,000 for each individual vehicle that cheats emissions tests under new Government laws.

The new laws come into effect on the 1st of July this year following a consultation that began in February.

However, the new laws will not be retrospective and provide little consolation for owners of models from the Volkswagen Group who have been caught up in the 2015 emissions scandal. There is also no mention of the money lost in VED and company car tax due to inaccurate CO2 ratings on Volkswagen Group cars.

Under these new laws, Volkswagen would have been liable for a £60 billion fine, with 1.2 million cars in the UK affected. But Volkswagen reimbursed the British taxpayer £1.1 million.

The new laws, called The Road Vehicles (Defeat Device, Fuel Consumption and Type Approval) Regulations 2018, will see manufacturers forced to pay out for every car that's found fitted with a 'cheat device' of the sort discovered in certain Volkswagen diesel engines.

>> Volkswagen boss says 'no legal basis for compensation'

According to the Department for Transport, the Volkswagen scandal "showed the need for stringent penalties for manufacturers fitting devices to circumvent the regulatory tests, to provide a sufficient deterrent in the future."

Following the scandal, the DfT tested a range of diesels in the UK but found that no other manufacturer was using a similar strategy to Volkswagen. 

"These tough new regulations are designed to ensure that those who cheat will be held to proper account in this country, legally and financially, for their actions," said Transport Minister, Jesse Norman.

The Department for Transport is also proposing that all manufacturers change over to the new more realistic WLTP fuel economy figures in their brochures, marketing and advertising from the same date - 1st January 2019. This would be followed by a change to WLTP specific CO2 figures from April 2020.


GeoffJ    on 18 June 2018

Should have been done years ago.
I would also like to see the same penalties applied for the testing for the "range" for EV and Hybrid cars on "battery power only". The manufacturers average 17% over statement on battery only range. This is not good enough.

Diggerssenior    on 18 June 2018

How preposterous!!! I know I'll sound like an idealist but £1.1m payout compared to £60m. Only the ass legislators would allow such a travesty of justice.

I didn't own a VW which was illegal. I'm furious about teh whole affair and teh hypocrisy of the CEO stating that there's no legal framework to requiring a bigger pay out. Neither is there a law allowing such blatant manipulation of emission figures

Alan Sword    on 18 June 2018

It’s even worse at £60 Billion.

Karen's kars    on 18 June 2018

When you think about it this was actually fraud on an industrial scale. If it was you or I we would be in Jail, any charges been brought,no the cops are only any good at taking money off law abiding people

S Beazeley    on 18 June 2018

Did I not read that emission defeating kits can be bought, especially by lorry owners, that kits ca be fitted to overcome the emission controls fitted by manufacturers?
Will these be fined to the same level as 'factory fitted' cheat devices?

toast5    on 18 June 2018

Why are VW owners NOT paying the correct VED in the UK. All others have to pay the going rate. so we are paying more so they can get away with it !. Is the Government afraid of VW. Spineless we think. VW owner's I know stick two fingers up to the likes of me. In the USA all VW's were purchased back by VW. VED is a shame.

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