Vauxhall recalls 10,000 vehicles for broken sunroofs

Published 10 August 2017

Vauxhall has recalled over 10,000 Adam models for a fault with the sunroof that could cause it to detach from the vehicle.

The Vauxhall Adam recall is due to an issue in the printing process on the glass panel, which may cause the sunroof to detach from the body of the car.

The recall began in April and effects 10,618 Adam models built between 4 June 2012 and 28 October 2016.

However, we've had reports from some readers who were told they could not have the repair work carried out because Vauxhall was short on parts, despite receiving a recall letter 

This issue is thought to be resolved now, with a sufficient supply of repair parts to fix affected vehicles. The repair work consists of repairing the adhesive connection between the vehicle body and the glass panel.

Let us know if you've been affected by the Vauxhall Adam recall in the comments section or at Ask HJ.

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Siobhan brennan    on 19 October 2017

Just had my Adam roof fix after waiting since April also had wire loom check as that’s also a fault on my glam 15 plate ??well I don’t have my car know as they totally reck it at Vauxhall woolmer green Hertfordshire ........
Please every Adam recall owner out there check your car after as I know need new head liner plastic trims and so on well not happy and don’t know where I stand and to top that the serviced my car well charged me£219.00 only to set my tyres at 37psi??the drive home was not only vert bumpy the tyres did not grip ??so they have gave me a loan car again a Adam 67plate till my car is fixed when I check tyres OMG they had put them at 39 psi ....not the best garage I think so the morel of the story is check your car over and find a garage that has great reviews.....

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