June 2017 DVSA recall round-up: Broken steering columns, noisy air con and wobbly seats

Published 21 June 2017

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has issued 11 recalls in June, covering some of the UK’s best-selling models. 

The largest is for the Ford Kuga, with 4404 models being recalled over a screen washer problem. Apparently the heated jets can overheat, resulting in heat or fire damage to the nozzle, jet element and grille.

What is a safety recall on a car? And how should you deal with it?

One of the more serious issues to arise over the past few weeks involves the Mercedes-Benz G-Class 4x4, with more than 500 being affected by a steering column fault. According to the DVSA bulletin, the loose coupling could lead to excessive wear and complete loss of steering control.

Mercedes-Benz is also recalling selected models of the C-Class and E-Class, due to a problem with the power steering motor; however, this only affects a handful of cars built between 2014 and 2016. 

June recalls in full

Make Model Problem  Build start Build end
Citroen   C4 Cactus  Bumper may detach  20/01/2016



Space Tourer

Abnormal air con noise

01/01/2016 06/03/2017
Ford Kuga

Heated washer jets may overheat





Power steering may fail 




Power steering may fail  




G-Class  Steering control may be lost





Abnormal air con noise





Airbag may not deploy



Land Cruiser

EGR flange may crack 



Toyota Verso

Airbag may not deploy 



Zafira C

Seats may be insecure 




Model Flyer    on 22 June 2017

It may be just coincidence but my wifes Citroen C3 1.6 blue developed an air con noise due to a faulty pump ? Its currently being repaired under warranty

NickNike    on 22 June 2017

Yet again, properly engineered Hyundais are not on the list, unlike the overpriced Mercs. And why people buy Vauxhall is beyond me.

Keith ashford    on 22 June 2017

Funnily enough Volvo is not there either!

Robert Chester    on 23 June 2017

Still waiting for the air bag to be sorted on my Yaris. The recall was a year ago!
Is it "URGENT" or not?

conman    on 23 June 2017

Where's all the Dacia recalls???
I was given a hard time off my mates for buying a Dacia who has the last laugh. Dab radio, cruise control, parking sensors, 7" multi media screen , satnav plus averaging 47 mpg all for £8,500 with 5 years Warranty.

I'm laughing all the way to the bank!!!

theo##    on 28 June 2017

I own a Peugeot 308 estate 1.6 diesel, 2015 reg. Well pleased with purchase but a few months later, heard a rattle noise from the underside mainly heard at low speed or the dreaded speed humps!

Arranged appointment with Peugeot dealership and they confirmed the rattle noise was due to rear axle component defect.

Have since moved in May and booked my car in for service with a local Peugeot dealership and they also confirmed they had dealt with several 308 models with same rear axle issue. My car is due for attention on Friday 1 July.

Can anyone advise if they have or know a 308 owner with same issue.

leftfield lenny    on 30 June 2017

My brother has one (a 306 1.2 turbo petrol). However, he asked his local Peugeot dealer to investigate why the car made such a racket from the rear.

On inspection, they immediately told him not to drive it, informed him that he needed a new torsion bar and supplied him with a free courtesy car for a week while they replaced it free of charge.

It was about 16 months old. Beginning to sound like a common fault there.

Edited by leftfield lenny on 30/06/2017 at 17:40

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