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Glasgow and Newcastle are the worst cities for illegal headlights

Published 06 November 2013

Glasgow and Newcastle are the worst places in the UK for failed or illegal headlights, according to a study from Halfords.

More than one in ten vehicles checked in the two cities were found to have a failed headlight, sidelight, rear or brake-light, which would significantly increase the risk of an accident.

It’s estimated that 2.6 million cars are driven with defective lights, which results in 1.16 million MoT failures every year.

The worst city in the UK for the problem was Glasgow (13.3 per cent), while Newcastle (13.1 per cent) and Liverpool (12.7 per cent) were also rated poorly.

The best city was London, where just 6.8 per cent of vehicles on the road were found to have illegal or faulty lights.

Figures from the Department of Transport, compiled from police records, show that in 2010 357 accidents were blamed on vehicles not displaying lights at night or in poor visibility. The penalty for the offence is £60 and three points.

Dave Poulter, Halfords director of trading said: “Usually you don’t know when a light has gone so regular checking is essential, especially in these increased hours of darkness and often more difficult and hazardous autumn and winter conditions.

“We know motorist have delayed essential repairs and many wait for the MoT but this is a false economy and such drivers risk falling foul of the law.”


disqus_uai8dIVPTS    on 6 November 2013

Failed headlight? That's ok, just keep your front fogs on. At least that's what the retards do around here!

GMC555    on 11 November 2013

Same here, and the same goes for rear fogs too. And they appear to do so in the certain knowledge that the police patrol you might just see once in a blue moon always seems to be looking the other way....

lauralouise90    on 13 November 2013

So many people drive with their fog lights on it's unreal - then they moan at you when you tell them! To me failing an MOT test for headlights is just stupid - it's not like you can't check them yourself.

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