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The Scandal Behind the French Breathalyser Law

If you're wondering why those two single-use breathlyser kits you have to carry in a car in France from November are only legal if they carry the NF symbol, here's the reason: France 24 Breathalysert Scandal

To quote directly from the France 24 story:

"It has emerged that the chief of the road safety group that persuaded Nicolas Sarkozy’s government to adopt the ruling is also a senior executive with the leading manufacturer of the blow-in-the-bag test kits.

French daily Sud Ouest revealed on Wednesday that Daniel Orgeval, the president of the anti-drink driving lobby group I-Test, also works for Contralco, the leading manufacturer of the equipment.

I-Test was formed just eight months before Sarkozy’s government adopted the new law in March last year.

Contralco, one of only two companies who produce a test-kit of the required standard, was reportedly in financial difficulties until the law was approved. But since then it has taken on over 100 staff, thanks in no small part to a demand for five million test kits a month.

Sud Ouest’s exposure of Orgeval’s double role has led to an angry response from other motorist groups."

So what other bits of dodgy French and EC Legislation has been imposed for the benefit of the manufacturer of kit that becomes a legal requirement?

ESP modules, perhaps?

More about the French Breathalyser Scandal at SURVIVE FRANCE NETWORK



   on 20 August 2012

Having just returned from driving 2,400 miles through France and Spain, I can honestly say that High Viz vests should be compulsary in the UK as I believe they will save lives. A set of replacement bulbs however are just pointless, as who can change a xenon headlight apart from a dealer?

colinh    on 21 August 2012

Replacement bulbs requirement has been dropped in Spain for that reason

carr30    on 21 August 2012

A couple of them costs £2.50 and that's every 3 years.
What with diesel at £1.10 a litre here we're being priced off the roads, I tell you.

jcwconsult    on 22 August 2012

Like so many "mysteries" in the way regulations work, if you just follow the money trail it will lead you to the answers. James C. Walker, National Motorists Association, Ann Arbor, Michigan USA (frequent visitor to Britain and the rest of Europe)

Chris    on 22 August 2012

Anyone want to bet that speed limiters on lorries (which a judge in Canada recently said endangered the driver of the lorry and everyone around him) were fitted after a campaign by the manufacturers? If you try and sell something like that normally you spend a lot on advertising and you might sell a few to hauliers who think their lorries should go slower, but if you can persuade governments to make them compulsory you've got a licence to print money.

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