Drink Drive Blood Alcohol Limit To Stay As It Is

In an attack of common sense the government has decided not to lower the drink drive blood alcohol limit.

This will be a huge relief to takers of cough mixture and morning-after-the-night-before drivers who fail to fully metabolise their previous evening's alcohol.

Lowering the limit solved no useful purpose at all, except to criminalise the undeserving who were no real danger to anyone.

Fiddling at this level is not the point at all. The determination should be to catch heavy drinkers who are either severely addicted to alcohol or who simply do not care about the danger they create to other road users.

However, this is not the opinion of Adrian K. Tink of the RAC who writes, with full permission to quote:

"It's disappointing news, especially as the Government had a clear mandate from motorists to reduce the legal limit - nearly 90% of drivers told us in last year's RAC Report on Motoring that they backed a reduction in the limit. It really is a missed opportunity to re-enforce that the message that drink-driving is unacceptable."

"Targeting those who are excessively over the limit will always be welcomed - but will these changes mean more Police on the roads? Because that is undoubtedly the best way to target those who flagrantly flout the drink-drive laws."


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