Another Young Driver Scheme Launches, at Goodwood


The celebrated Goodwood Motor Circuit is today (Thursday 13 May) launching an innovative pre-learner driver programme, uniquely focused on teaching sub-17 year-old trainee drivers controlled, safe and secure driving skills; so that they are fully prepared and equipped to deal with today’s demanding public roads and driving conditions.

This new ‘Mini Drivers @ Goodwood’ youth driver training programme will be unique in using a genuine race track as its dedicated base, with fleet of brand new Mini One models fitted with dual controls to teach young drivers the essential skills of safe driving and considerate road craft. 

The fleet of eight ‘edgy’ new Mini One models are being provided to Goodwood by Mini UK Limited. They will be used to teach young first-time drivers the essentials of what makes a vehicle work, before moving on to some hands-on experience manoeuvring the car around the Goodwood circuit under expert tuition from a trained driving professional. 

As the young drivers progress through the courses at Goodwood, they will move from automatic Minis to manual-equipped cars, with a progressive training schedule that will take the student from the basics, right through to passing his or her mock driving test theory exam.  Along the way they will have huge fun, but also learn many important live saving skills, including being taught the risks of driving too fast, the dangers of drink driving, having unruly passengers, plus the essentials of good vehicle maintenance and driving on public roads once 17 years of age. 

After running the full course and passing their driving test, Goodwood intends that participating students will qualify for insurance discounts; the savings of which should more than cover the costs of the full Mini Drivers @ Goodwood training schedule.

The programme launches in August this year with a series of three introductory experiences priced at £99 each. Young people complete these modules in dual-control Mini One models. Gift vouchers will also be available for the Goodwood training so that parents, grandparents, guardians and friends can treat their significant young loved ones life-long safe and secure driving skills.  Any child reaching a minimum height of 1:5m (4ft 9”) can participate, up to the age of 18.

Commenting on this latest Goodwood initiative, Lord March says; “With young children of my own that are chomping at the bit to get behind the wheel of a car, I am truly excited about our Mini Drivers programme.  When I heard that four out of five serious injuries or road fatalities in the UK involve motorists under the age of 21, I was horrified.” 

Lord March continues, “The knowledge that young drivers can be taught the essential skills of save and responsible driving in the secure and controlled environment of the Motor Circuit is a huge comfort to me, as I am sure it will be to all parents.”

Goodwood has also secured the support of ground breaking on-line learner & pre-learner education organisation a²om (Alpha to Omega Motoring, and pronounced ‘atom,’ The company was founded to teach young people that they “drive with their minds and not just their hands and feet” and use highly interactive software to get the message across. a²om has modified its existing course and developed a programme to sit alongside the Goodwood training modules, which will be offered to the young drivers.  

Andrew Bayne, founder of a²om adds;” we are thrilled to be involved in this exciting young driver programme. As a company, we are dedicated to improving the safety of young drivers through better education and with our unique e-learning software supporting the programme, Mini Drivers @ Goodwood graduates will be fully equipped to deal with 21st Century life on our roads.

Mini Drivers @ Goodwood launches in August this year, but young people will also have the opportunity to try out the cars on a special driving route during this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, 2-4 July.

For all Mini Drivers bookings and more information, please contact the Goodwood Motor Circuit Mini Driver hotline:
Telephone: +44 1243 755060
Book on-line:



Jonathan Milburn    on 15 January 2017

January 2017

Took our son for the driving experience in Mini’s at Goodwood – probably got off to a bad start as he started 10 mins late (when you consider its over one pound fifty a minute!) but no time is allowed for the hand over, so you and your predecessor loose time here.

The track and heritage make this a great setting, but our son was not enthusiastic after his drive as he explained the tutor kept stopping him to fill in his progresses book, so if we are very generous he may have just got the 50 minutes they state behind the wheel (well he didn’t!), actual driving was very limited and totally unexciting.

I suppose it’s your level and our son is luckily quite competent behind the wheel and we expected an experience for him, more than just a slow expensive driving lesson. It is advertised as a thrill, but my wife and I watched from the stands and said he will be bored with this, as we watched the car motionless at the side of the track, having done a full 100 yards from the start line. Unfortunately that just continued, a short drive and stop (the stops appeared longer than the drive) so we were bored watching as well !

There are vastly better experiences at airfields and alike, not with the heritage or the fantastic setting, but I would recommend you look around and not get enticed by the marketing – disappointed is my sum-up.

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