Residents Shame Council Into Repairing Potholes

Sat, 30 May 2009
The actions of a small village to shame its council into repairing its roads should “act as an inspiration” for others to follow suit, says campaign website

Residents of North Curry compiled the 12-page dossier, including dozens of images, and presented it to Somerset County Council, in order to make officials ‘sit up and take notice.’

“This kind of public pressure is the only way things will change,” says Duncan McClure Fisher of Warranty Direct, the company behind “North Curry villagers have adopted a novel approach but one we applaud. We hope it acts an inspiration for other residents in towns, cities and villagers to do the same.

“They have every right to demand answers and actions from the Council. Every day we advise motorists across the country how to seek compensation after their cars have been damaged by potholes and ruts.“

McClure Fisher believes the condition of British roads has reached ‘melting point’ and that it needs a concerted plan from Central Government with funds to deliver. “I think we’re all fed up of seeing pathetically-repaired holes as part of the patch and mend policy.” recently declared that potholes cost British motorists £1 million per day in damage to axles and suspension, while the Asphalt Industry Alliance estimates £8.5 billion is needed to bring Britain’s road network up to scratch.

(Photo shows a series of potholes on Sir Richard's Bridge, Walton-on-Thames, Elmbridge, Surrey, taken on Wednesday 27th May. Elmbridge also has many roads festooned with crumbling speed humps and speed cushions.)


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