Drivers admit picking up bad habits from on-screen heroes

Tue, 16 Sep 2008
Motorists who emulate their on-screen heroes behind the wheel risk losing the no claims bonus on their car insurance, new research has suggested.

A study by has found over a million British road users are influenced by films and television.

Drivers in the capital were found to be the worst offenders overall, with 18 per cent admitting they had picked up bad habits from on-screen characters.

Meanwhile, those aged 17 to 24 were also particularly susceptible to the influence of their fictional heroes, with 23 per cent saying films like the Italian Job and Casino Royale have had a direct impact on their driving.

Commenting on the findings, Will Thomas, head of car insurance at said: "While some motorists dream about emulating the driving styles of James Bond and Knight Rider, the reality is that driving erratically and dangerously is far from astute."

Arguably, one of the classic movie car chase scenes of all time occurs in the 1960s film Bullitt, where Steve McQueen races through the streets of San Francisco in a Ford Mustang.

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   on 28 October 2021

Thanks for sharing!

SamWard    on 9 November 2021

During the pandemic, I watched a huge number of films and TV series ( ), where the main characters are racers. Such a huge number that I can not even name the exact number. I have watched, probably, from the most-watched to the little-known films. I can even call quotable lines from movies. There really are a lot of unreal things that you look at and think, "Oh, it would be cool to try." I also watched films about gambling. Everything seems so easy. I'm wondering if this is actually the case?

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