Record high for battery-related car breakdowns

Published 20 May 2020

Recovery firms have reported a sharp increase in the number of battery-related breakdowns since the coronavirus lockdown was eased in England on 13 May.

The AA, RAC and Green Flag have all told that they've seen a significant increase in breakdowns - with many of the recoveries being 'at home' call outs for flat batteries.

Green Flag saw more breakdowns on 13 May - once restrictions were lightened - than it did on the usual busiest day of the year for breakdown providers – the return from the Christmas break.

The recovery firm noted a 72 per cent increase in breakdowns on 13 May compared to a week earlier (6 May) due to the Government’s updated guidance, which led to more people returning to work, as well as being permitted to travel further for recreation.

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The RAC said that the number of battery faults its patrols had seen were "very high" - and they were dealing with record calls for at home flat battery breakdowns.

Similarly, the AA reported that two fifths of call-outs resulted from battery problems. This is mostly due to vehicles not being maintained during lockdown, with a large proportion sitting around for several weeks at a time.

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Engineer Andy    on 21 May 2020

Imagine my surprise...

IrishNeil    on 21 May 2020

Re-volting and shocked, (I'll get me coat)

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