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Coronavirus: How can I tax my car during the coronavirus outbreak?

Published 25 March 2020

With life in the UK being put on hold as the world battles the coronavirus pandemic, we look at how to tax your car if you're self-isolating or social distancing.

The Government has issued new guidance for drivers who need to tax their vehicle during the coronavirus pandemic, which includes an automatic six-month extension for the MoT test

It means that drivers whose MoT and tax run out over the next six months can still keep their vehicle on the road.

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You don't have to do anything if your MoT runs out on or after 30 March. The exemption will be automatically issued, which means that you will have a valid MoT certificate and therefore be able to apply for road tax (or Vehicle Excise Duty as it is officially called).

Post Offices are still open but in the light of the current crisis perhaps the best plan of action is to tax your car online

What if I'm self-isolating and can't afford to pay my road tax?

Currently, if your vehicle tax runs out while you’re self-isolating, then the advice is to declare your car SORN’d (statutory-off road notification) if you are unable to tax it.

When you no longer need to self-isolate, you can then book your MoT test and tax your vehicle. 

Garage repair centres are still open and the DVSA has told that its online services will accept applications from vehicles that have previously been SORN'd to save you going to the Post Office.

But what happens if I keep my car on the public road, won't I be fined for declaring it SORN?

Technically, it is an offence to declare your car SORN if it is kept on a public road rather than a driveway or private lane.

Coronavirus: Advice on buying, running and owning a car during the outbreak 



jls35    3 days ago

I take my car for its MOT and annual service on the same day. The MOT renewal may be deferred, but what about the annual service?

Rith Clements    2 days ago

My car tax is due by 30th April to commence 1st May 2020 but my MOT isn't due until 29th May - should I still ny my car tax on line as usual in April - I usually so this around the 20th April before its due to run out. Please help

sean obrien    2 days ago

bought car on the 21 /3/20 . road tax is out 3 months previous owner seller.
did not sorn it.
i was booked in for mot on the 23/3/20 mot station closed
because of corona. ps how can i get my road tax now .
can anyone help with information to move forward pleaaaas.

Alexander Paterson    2 days ago

Government acted on MOT extension to safeguard revenue from excise duty Play fair extend the yearly road tax to 15 months as cars will be parked up for 95 percent of the time over the next few months w

   4 hours ago

I taxed my two motorbikes in February 20 I'm now going to lose three months potentially of tax do I get an extension when this is all over ?

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