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Coronavirus: Drivers get six-month MoT extension as Government battles spread of Covid-19

Published 25 March 2020

The Government has announced a six-month extension for all car and van MoTs in the UK. 

Cars and vans that are due an MoT from 30 March will automatically get a six-month extension, which means people will not have to visit their local garage if they are experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus or living with someone who is vulnerable to the disease.

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The move comes after car dealers called for a three-month moratorium on MoT testing in a bid to reduce social contact. The Government has already suspended the annual roadworthiness test for heavy goods vehicles, buses and trailers.

Have all MoT tests been cancelled?

No, MoT test centres will continue to remain open and operate as normal. This means drivers can still take their car for an MoT test, but must stay at home if they (or someone they live with) has coronavirus symptoms or is vulnerable to Covid-19. 

My car's MoT is due to take place before 30 March, what should I do?

Car owners are generally advised to have their car MoT'd as normal. However, if you are showing symptoms of the coronavirus or living with someone who is considered high risk to the disease, you are advised to stay at home and take your car for its MoT when the self-isolation period is over. The Department for Transport has told it is working with insurers and the police to ensure drivers are not unfairly penalised for not being able to get an MoT. 

My car has failed its MoT recently, will I get an automatic six month MoT extension?

No. If your car or van has failed the MoT you will be required to fix the car and have it retested. It will not qualify for the automatic six month extension.

My MoT is due on or after 30 March, what do I need to do? 

Nothing, the MoT will automatically be renewed for six months. This means an MoT that was due on 3 April will automatically be extended until 3 October. 

My car is three years old and its first MoT is due, what happens now?

Your car will automatically be given a six month exemption from the date its first MoT was due (which will be three years after it was first registered).

Can I drive my car after the MoT has expired? 

Only if your MoT is due on or after 30 March. Cars and vans with an MoT that expires before 30 March cannot legally be used on the road unless they are being driven to a pre-booked MoT appointment. If your MoT is on or after 30 March you may receive a letter from the DVSA that will advise of the new MoT renewal date. Alternatively, car owners can sign up for free MoT reminders via Honest John Homepages. The new MoT renewal date may take a few days to be processed by the DVSA so check back regularly if it hasn't changed.   

Can I tax my car during the six month MoT extension?

Yes, you can tax your vehicle as normal once the MoT details for your vehicle has been updated by the DVSA.

How long will these new MoT rules be in place for?  

A minimum of six months, until 30 September. However, vehicle owners are reminded that they will continue to be responsible for the roadworthiness of their vehicle. You can be fined up to £2500, be banned from driving and get three penalty points for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.


robert lyth    4 days ago

MOT stations still open. You can still have your car or Motorcycle mot'd

   4 days ago

We are in the awkward position that our car was booked for MOT tomorrow

(First MOT as 3 years old - due date is 28th March) and therefore it falls outside the extension rules which commence from 30 March

The local garage is now closed - so has cancelled our appointment.

Per twitter it looks like loads of people in same position as load of new cars will have been bought before end of March 2017.

Makes no sense not to back date this 6 month extension to today's date (or the date of lockdown) given that we are supposed to be isolating

Any suggestions please ?

Thank you

   4 days ago

Find another garage, I have and today my car passed its MOT and the garage told me they had a few No Shows. Booked for 3.00pm delivered about 12.30 ready by 2.00pm. So worth a try.

MartyF    4 days ago

Same here. Mine was due on 30th, but its been carried out today - and passed. Although theoretically you can drive without an MoT for an additional 6 months, I cant help wondering that, in the event of an accident, the first thing any insurance company will now do is check the safety aspect of the vehicle at the time of the accident. Whats the chance an area that would render an MoT fail at the time of the accident (worn brake pads/blown bulbs/leaking shock absorbers/damaged ball joints etc) will invalidate the claim?,

BrendanP    4 days ago

Does this mean that a car with MoT expiring on September 29th will have it extended by 6 months, whereas an MoT expiring on 1st October will get no extension? In the 6 months following 30th Sept, testing stations will have double the normal workload.

Victor Ahiaba    3 days ago

That's a very tricky one. But Government can change things anytime.

Roger Hulme    4 days ago

I have 2 cars. The MOT for one expires on 27 April and the other one on 12 May. Am I correct in saying that one can have an MOT 31 days before the due date? - if so, I could have one on 27 March.
If I don't do this, would I better waiting until October?
Would the new MOT run for 12 months from the date of test or follow the original date - i.e. be valid for <1 year?

intermal    4 days ago

My car's MOT expires 2nd FEB 2021, does this mean it now runs out 2nd OCT 2021?

KingGooner    4 days ago

Not as it stands... unless the Government extends it out past Feb 2021 which is possible but unlkely.

intermal    3 days ago

Not as it stands... unless the Government extends it out past Feb 2021 which is possible but unlkely.

Thanks for answer. I meant August 2021,

davet8890    4 days ago

Not a question about MOT but rather annual service. As a new car requires an annual service to vaildate the warranty what happens if you can`t get out to have the service done?

Edited by davet8890 on 25/03/2020 at 21:24

cbr1100xx    3 days ago

We had 6 cars booked in for MOT and service yesterday. All six called and cancelled. Two we knew would fail and are now on the road for another six months. Stupid or what.


My cars mot expired on 21st of feb do you think this will be given a extension ?

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