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Published 21 April 2022


   on 21 April 2022

Too expensive and not sure about charging site availability.

A A Tatman    on 21 April 2022

My Mach-e has a huge range, I only drive locally up to 75 miles from home.. I charge at home very cheaply using solar and storage batteries. I know this won't apply for many people but it works for me.
And the Mustang is a great looking car that is very easy to live with.

Legion Rider    on 22 April 2022

Saving £10 a week on fuel, but spending an extra £10,000 on the car does not stack up economically, I like electric cars, but anyone who purchases one should do so for other reasons and not to save money as an equivalent petrol or diesel car will always be cheaper to run when you factor in the purchase price premium, unless its a company car and you can benefit from tax savings.

DLDLDL    on 25 April 2022

... an equivalent petrol or diesel car will always be cheaper to run when you factor in the purchase price premium, unless its a company car and you can benefit from tax savings.

But who says the government won't change the tax system when they start to find a hole due to lack of fuel duty?

Do you trust this government? Do you trust any government not to fiddle with tax benefits over the life of say an electric vehicle (hopefully 15 - 20 years?)?

Howard Buchanan    on 28 April 2022

The answers to the very relevant questions you pose are- in order of asking:Nobody with any sense/ No/No.

Bernie Carey    on 22 April 2022

Far too dear and as stated not enough charging points around the roads or motorways

Keith Ware    on 22 April 2022

I have had my MG5 long range since last September and it suits my needs. I love driving electric it's such a pleasure.
Price wise they are still expensive against ICE cars however the MG's are cheaper than the majority of EV's for what tech and range you get.
I understand people's concerns over charging issues ie reliability and locations, this must improve for us to move forward into a worry free EV future.

conman    on 22 April 2022

Hi Kieth I agree with your thinking but the models are getting updated regularly the new facelift MG5 has V to Load as standard. But I am waiting for V to Grid or V to X before I even consider one.

newb    on 22 April 2022

Not so sure electric cars are so planet friendly according to Volvo research an ice car in Europe have to exceed a milage of more than 60000 miles approx before they start to pollute the planet more than and electric cars because of the different production methods ie making of batteries

The only good thing about pollution with electric car it is not local to the streets

Philip SImkins    on 22 April 2022

Only problem with the survey I just filled in was the omission of an answer to the question 'what sit the MAIN reasoin you would you buy an electric car'. My answer would be because I would not have any choice!

Engineer Andy    on 22 April 2022

I agree that they should've been able to give us a ranking system and more 'answers', including one we can add in ourselves ('other') as most of the asnwers to those questions are very important. The survey could then be skewed to believ that the answers not picked are unimportant, when they aren't.

Loisel    on 22 April 2022

I own a bmw x1 s drive diesel automatic and regularly visit my son and family which is a 610 mile round trip my bmw x1does the journey easily and I do not have to fill up with diesel.
So I would only consider an electric car when the range is the the same 610 miles, i do not want the aggro of looking for and then maybe queuing for a charging point.

Ethan Edwards    on 22 April 2022

So you drive there and back making no stops whatsoever. Congratulations I only drive two hours then stop for a splash n dash. But I admire people like you who drive what? Up to Twelve hours with no break?. Driving my EV to York say I'd need two stops totalling 19 minutes. Which is far less than what I did when I had an ICE car. Additionally I'd actually spend those 19 minutes getting some refreshments and visiting the facilities. So I can manage with just 200miles of range.

conman    on 22 April 2022

I agree with others not enough answers therefore putting a skew on the survey.

Have just ordered my new car a ICE Skoda top of range model saving over £4000, That puts it at nearly £8,000 cheaper than a MG5 EV.

I will buy electric when there is no choice. Or the prices become more realistic. With prices for the cost of batteries supposed to be coming down to 100 dollars a kWh a 50 kWh should cost around 5000 dollars and a 77 kWh under 8000 dollars so where are they getting these ridiculous pricing from.

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Norman Bryant    on 25 April 2022

Too long to charge, not enough charging points, not long enough range, most are quite small until Landrover bring out something but then I probably can't afford it

Potts Stephen    on 25 April 2022

I so agree with your comments. I caravan and need a sensible range. Plus a recharge needs to be a similar time to getting petrol.

DLDLDL    on 25 April 2022

Do we have to change our model for personal transport?

Own a small moderate range EV for everyday use and short commutes.

Hire something bigger (either ICE or long range batteries) for long trips and holidays?

Long commutes by (cheaper) rail journeys?

doncaster    on 25 April 2022

I bought a Jaguar I pace in November 2018 and sold it August 2021. I only do a small annual mileage and I could charge it on a 13 amp plug when the sun was out because I have solar panels. The car was fun to drive but I would not buy another one because of response I got from JCT 600and Jaguar cars when a small piece of plastic dropped off the rear spoiler. I have a Mercedes EQC at present and a BMW I4 M50 on order but delivery is not confirmed because of problems with a part previously supplied by Ukraine. I wanted the BMW because it is like a conventional car and not an SUV.

yrhengastan62    on 25 April 2022

Hello all, I've just bought a 2.5 year old petrol after a long history with diesels and high mileage. I considered phev but would have cost me near 35% more for a similar age car plus a wallbox. The technology is excellent but for me it's still advancing quite rapidly and I fear anything I bought now would be out of date in 3-5 years and probably looking at a new battery. I don't see electric cars becoming classics as we see with current classic cars, for example. Who buys an old computer or brick mobile phone for the nostalgia ? I think my next car will be electric, I can imagine 500 miles.on a charge and charging in 10-15 minutes with widespread charger access in the near future. At that point Id keep my electric car for some time.

   on 25 April 2022


R L Nunn    on 25 April 2022

They're too expensive, the batteries deteriote over time, and if you live in a flat with no guaranteed parking space then charging at home is impossible. I'll be buying a new diesel a week before they're banned and make it last!

Private Sensible    on 26 April 2022

2 things to get straight.

1. CO2 is not a pollutant.
2. Electric cars are NOT green, zero emissions.

if you don't know about CO2, don't bother to read anymore.

EV use batteries, yayyy, we all know that. but where do batteries come from, and where and how are the elements are mined. what happens to the mined spoil? then where and how are these elements transported to, to make the component parts. then how and where are these component parts brought together to make the finished product? Still think EV's are green?
so now we need to produce electricity. wind farms and solar panels are green... think again! 600 tons of concrete per turbine, blades, non-recyclable grp, estimated life span.. 25 years. solar panels, again non-recyclable plastics.

people read past the headlines, and stop listening to old duffers taking the corporate cash to basically tell lies. .

hissingsid    on 26 April 2022

The purpose of the survey is to investigate attitudes to EV's in the UK.
The attitude of a local council near me is to impose parking charges on motorists using the public charging points. That's right, while paying to charge your car you also have to pay to park it while you wait. This is not the way to encourage people to go electric.

4caster    on 26 April 2022

How come the survey is no longer available only one day after I received an email inviting me to take part?

philthunder    on 27 April 2022

Charging points are too expensive compared with domestic prices. The suppliers are getting a cheap tariff, have little upkeep of the site and are happy to rip off customers. Where is the incentive to buy an electric car?
The buyer is offered little information on Miles per Kilowatt, and car tester reviews can't be bothered to try to give that information! PHV's could be checked for how many miles on the traction battery them, what the figures just running on the ICE. Never should the battery and ICE consumption figure be combined, as no two drivers would be doing the same combinations. It is easy to reset one trip and check a full battery until that runs out and the ICE takes over, then reset the trip. The onboard mpg figures would give a fair indication of what was doing what, and Honest Johns MPG chart should be adjusted to show those figures for a PHV. My Prius PHV 2018 does about 29 miles on a full charge and between 65-80 MPG just running on the ICE, at which point it runs the same as a Hybrid without a traction battery. And that's been checked tank to tank when on holiday or long trips where recharging the battery is not convenient.

Howard Buchanan    on 28 April 2022

This whole EV programme is part and parcel of the government's i****ic net-zero agenda. The UK produces less than 1% of harmful world emissions and there is no proof that global climate change is mainly caused by human activity. I don't believe it is. The bottom line for EVs is that from the renewable sources the government is relying on there will not be the generating capacity to charge all the electric cars they want us to buy, and that's not to mention HGVs and heavy industrial machinery currently powered by diesel. That's why I'm sticking to petrol.

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