Nissan launches subscription service for electric car range

Nissan has launched a subscription service for its electric car range with prices starting at £645 a month.

The Nissan Leaf 39kWh Tekna and new Nissan Ariya 87kWh Evolve are currently available along with the full-hybrid Nissan Qashqai e-POWER N-Connecta.

The monthly payment covers the vehicle cost, insurance for up to five drivers, car tax, servicing and roadside assistance.

Nissan Subscription customers can opt for a minimum subscription period of three months, extendable up to two years. Subscribers can also switch between models during their ownership period.

The entire process can be completed online with just a few clicks. Once the customer finishes the online registration, they secure the car by paying a fully refundable deposit equivalent to one month's payment.

The vehicle is then delivered to the customer's preferred location at a date and time of their choosing. The subscription price includes 800 miles per month as a standard offering, but mileage allowances can be customised.

To sign up for Nissan Subscription, customers are required to create a profile and provide a scanned copy of their driving licence. They can then select their desired car, arrange payment detail and confirm the delivery date. The process is facilitated through a partnership with Bipi Mobility UK Limited.

"There’s a new generation of motorist coming through that is looking for an entirely digital purchase experience, likes the idea of swapping their car from time to time to suit different needs and wants to avoid the hassle of motoring admin," says Andrew Humberstone, managing director at Nissan GB.

"Nissan Subscription is perfect for them: one simple monthly payment and they’ve got everything covered," he adds.

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Does the top speed of an electric car drop when the battery is low?

The top speed of my electric bike drops slightly when the battery charge is low. Does the same thing happen with electric cars?
Most electric cars are designed to preserve battery life and range above other factors. Because of their size and weight approaching the top speed uses a lot of battery charge. Frequently performance will be restricted if the battery is close to running out and in some high performance EVs maximum performance is only available if the battery has sufficient charge and may only be available for limited periods. However, for most drivers in the UK approaching the top speed is not a regular occurrence.
Answered by David Ross
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