Average scrap car values reach new high

  • UK average scrap car values increased to £358 in the second quarter of 2022.
  • Signs market may have peaked with average dropping slightly in July.
  • More Ford vehicles scrapped in the second quarter of 2022 than any other make.

Average scrap car values reached a new high of £358 in the second quarter of 2022, according to the latest data from car recycling network CarTakeBack

Overall, 2022 has been a record year for scrap car prices due to the shortage of new and used cars.

In April the average price paid for a scrapped car was £352, up nine per cent compared to March. May saw prices increase by a further two per cent to reach an average of £358. That value maintained into June. 

However, July saw prices drop by seven per cent to £334 due to demand for scrap metal fluctuating and car manufacturing being impacted by parts supply shortages. Consumer confidence has also declined, affecting new and used car demand. 

 Rows Of Cars In Scrapyard

Despite a month-on-month decline, July’s average price of £334 was still 34 per cent higher than July 2021 (an increase of £84 year on year).

Rebecca Currier, marketing manager at CarTakeBack, said: "So many factors contribute to the price of scrap - the type of car, the condition and location, a huge part is obviously the demand for the metal. While we've always taken pride in consistently offering competitive prices for our customers' old cars, the baseline is obviously reliant on market factors beyond our control.

"Although prices slipped marginally in July, they’re still considerably higher than those at the start of the year, so customers are still getting high values for scrap cars.”

As in the first quarter of 2022, in the second quarter CarTakeBack scrapped more Ford vehicles than any other makes, with the Ford Focus still the most frequently scrapped vehicle

Value increases for top five scrapped cars

Vehicle type

 Q1 average value  Q2 average value  Percentage change

Ford Focus








Vauxhall Corsa








Ford Fiesta








Vauxhall Zafira








Vauxhall Astra







More silver cars (27 per cent) were scrapped than any other colour vehicle, with blue (20 per cent) coming in second and black (18 per cent) in third.

What was the average scrap car price in July 2022?

The average scrap car price in July 2022 was £334, according to car recycling network CarTakeBack.

Why are scrap car values so high?

Used car prices are currently up year-on-year and this is having an impact on the car scrapping industry. 

Other factors have also had an impact such as the price of catalytic converters, according to CarTakeBack. 

Demand for scrap metal fluctuating and car manufacturing being impacted by supply chains saw the average value drop by seven per cent in July. 

Ask HJ

What is the average life of a car?

Do you know what the lifespan of a Nissan Micra engine would be? My 2004 diesel Micra has only done 87,000 miles. How long will it go on for?
The average car in the UK is scrapped at 14-years. This is usually when the cost of the repairs start to outweigh the value of the vehicle. I think your Micra has done a brilliant job carrying on for as long as it has. As long as the engine is serviced annually with an oil and filter change then there is no reason why it can't carry on for many more years. Eventually, corrosion of the bodywork and suspension will become an expensive issue if the car is stored outside and used as a daily runner. But it reads like your Micra is being very well cared for and hopefully it'll be good for another 87,000.
Answered by Dan Powell
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