You can now buy a Volvo online

Published 25 April 2019

Volvo is the latest manufacturer to offer the ability to buy a car online without visiting a traditional dealership.

The entire process can be completed in less than 20 minutes, says Volvo - including specifying every detail of the car, setting up finance and even part-exchanging your old vehicle.

While the purchase can be completed entirely online, including an e-signature for finance applications, the deal will be managed by a local dealer. This means you can book test drives online and arrange to collect your car when it's ready.

Previous research has revealed that a third of buyers would consider buying a car they haven't seen in person.

Initially the service will be launched for the XC40, while other models will be added by Friday 3 May.

Other manufacturers already offer a service like this - including Hyundai with its Click to Buy website - but Volvo claims that Volvo Online is the 'most comprehensive online new car buying service'.


Senexdriver    on 29 April 2019

Presumably you pay a pre-determined, non-negotiable price. Not sure I’d want to miss out on the charade of negotiating a deal face to face with all the sparring and play-acting that goes with it.

Falkirk Bairn    on 30 April 2019

Order on-line via a Broker & potentially save 000's.
Order is the placed with a main dealer who contacts you to verify the finer details.

I can book a service for my car on-line & pay £250 -£350 at the Franchise or phone around 3/4 other main dealers & potentially save £70-£80 or more..

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