Double digit decline for UK car market in October

The UK new car market saw another month of decline - and is down year-on-year - on the back of poor diesel sales. However, hybrid and electric car sales continue to grow.

New car registrations fell in October, for the seventh consecutive month - compared to October 2016, there was a 12.2 per cent drop in total vehicles registered. Sales of diesels were once again down massively  - seeing a 30 per cent decline. 

Demand for petrol hybrid and pure electric vehicles increased substantially in October, as did petrol vehicles. Alternatively-fuelled vehicles are up almost 37 per cent since October 2016, wth petrol cars increasing by a smaller 2.7 per cent.

Here are the 10 best sellers for October 2017.

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Ford Fiesta – 7256 registered

The Ford Fiesta returns to top spot as the new model is, as expected, swept up by eager buyers. This new generation Ford Fiesta arrived in showrooms in July and is just as good as ever, only with more space and better refinement.

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gavsmit    on 6 November 2017

The sales decline isn't stopping them introducing eye-watering increases on list prices though......especially if they can hide them behind a new model launch or quoting monthly payments instead of the bottom line price.

GTD 184    on 6 November 2017

Noticed the decline in sales has come about since the introduction of new VED bands and pricing restructure.

It is my guess that the increase in VED is a major factor in the continued sales decline!

The popularity of PCP and PCL car purchasing has led to a great number of sales of premium cars to buyers who would not normally be able to afford cars costing in excess of £40K. Now that VED bandings on cars of £40K+ attract an additional £310.00 a year duty on top of the standard VED rate (£450 per year for the first 5 years) it all adds up as to why there is a sales decline. The middle classes are just not prepared to pay an extra £2K over a 48 month term.

Bob Bax    on 13 November 2017

I've used/owned a number of Diesels, from 3 Ford Scorpio Diesels to a Mercedes ML450, and a Mercedes E Class 250 Estate.
What became obvious however is that my wife had a sensitivity to diesel emissions which has adversely affected her asthema!
So I have reverted to petrol only. She finds that has been beneficial, mind you she notices the impact of Diesel owners (especially Delivery Vans) leaving engines running, and poorly maintained Diesel Cars Vans and Trucks belching out "black smoke" as they go.
We currently own a Ford Focus petrol ECO Boost, a Mercedes SLC 200, and a Porsche Macan GTS.
I'm almost ready to go Full Electric, skipping Petrol Hybrid with Porsche, one I know I can recharge from my extended Solar PV Array.
Bob Bax

C.wardrop    on 13 November 2017

Gullible customers swayed by politicos, weather/climate shysters and other "experts".
Choose what you like, can afford, say I

Julius Mach    on 13 November 2017

Less diesel, more petrol and CO2 emissions are up. Particulates kill humans. CO2 kills everything as the planet warms up.

Paul Milsom    on 13 November 2017

Uuuh Co2 kills everything??? who have you been listening to ? Al Gore? Co2 is the stuff oof life, it comprises .04% of breathable atmosphere, and without it, WE DIE , Quickly... it is what all plants take in to produce oxygen for us, it has been pilloried by the fraudulent 'green movement' as a money spinner. gto watch "The Great Global Warming Swindle" the channel 4 monvi. the planet warms up by courtesy of the SUN. nothing to do with us. LEARN UP PEOPLE....

Phil Norton    on 13 November 2017

Less diesel, more petrol and CO2 emissions are up. Particulates kill humans. CO2 kills everything as the planet warms up.

CO2 doesn't kill anything; it is essential to life on earth.

Ol King Kong    on 13 November 2017

And still there is no action against the worst diesel polluters. Clapped out old vans spewing out filth have there nuts revved off to get them through too lenient MOT tests. Don't get me started on buses....

   on 13 November 2017

I would like to know if we remove all diesel and petrol cars , and use battery type hybrid cars,

where are we getting the power to charge them , as the national grid is having problems with power supplies,

and how much will it cost to replace the rechargeable batteries ?

john robinson    on 13 November 2017

if we all stop using diesel? then when it is fractioned from the crude, what do we do with it? then if we do the same with the petrol what? I am assuming that we still need certain oils, plastics, fertilisers and the other fractioned products

Johnno431    on 14 November 2017

If we are still part of the EU the fuel that is no longer required will probably go into another EU “lake”.

The problem here is that nobody, be it Junker or May seems capable of seeing any further than the end of their noses.

What is needed is a long term plan based on proven facts to provide car buyers with a guide on what type of car to sink their money into.

Murray Snudge    on 13 November 2017

My Ford Escort 1.8 diesel is over 26 years old and I ain't ready to replace it yet!
I pay a lot of Road tax but get 60mpg

Ubermik    on 13 November 2017

The climate change scam has been exposed recently in a peer review paper exposing the extent of the lies policy makers have used to extort an estimated 6.4 trillion dollars in additional taxation by the year 2100 with an estimated "MAXIMUM" alteration to any warming the planet "might" see by a whopping 0.1 of a degree celcius for those trillions

Warming based on computer models which when given data from the past still cant accurately manage to model climate that has ALREADY happened accurately never mind decades into the future. Models that have a exactly ZERO success rate of predicting climate patterns over the last 30 years and which "predicted" the climate would be as much as 3 degrees warmer, that there would be NO polar ice cap remaining and that newyork would be under water by 2010

As for hybrids being "green" the battery packs cause immense environmental impacts from the devastation mining the chemicals causes through the massive carbon footprint for transportation and manufacturing and then of course the disposal/recycling of the toxic heavy metals and that's before you even consider that much of our electricity is still generated by coal fired generating stations, some in the world still using oil and others with gas

Lets also not forget that without diesel haulage and shipping would vanish as there are no real alternatives to mass transportation yet, no "hybrid" container ships or solar powered articulated lorries. So exactly what percentage of all diesel sales even ends up in cars?

There was a comparison of the carbon footprint for just mining, refining, manufacturing and shipping the battery packs for a prius, not the whole car, JUST the battery packs and not including the charging during use and it was equal to manufacturing an entire Hummer and driving it with average mileage for over 4 years

The prius however would still need to be built to hold that battery pack, then be charged daily probably with electricity from coal fired generating stations so by the time they reached parity on emissions the battery pack would probably need replacing whereas the hummer would still be going strong

Soooo "green"

But lets not let common sense, logic or critical thinking get in the way of inventive ways to collect more revenue for the people riding the bureaucratic gravy train eh? lol

Even NASA, one of the biggest myth generators for the AGW global warming scam admits that whilst the CO2 has been rising the planet has increasing greenery DESPITE deforestation and urbanisation. Farmers have to pump CO2 INTO their greenhouses to speed up crop growth because the current CO2 levels are historically low a huge amounts of CO2 was removed from the carbon cycle during the mass extinction events, the exact SAME CO2 being re released "back" into the carbon cycle from the burning of fossil fuels

As for levels, the earth in its greenest periods when the north pole was a lush forest were as much as 20 times higher than now, no mass extinction of all life on earth

In fact not only does higher levels of CO2 increase plant and animal growth but have led to increases in the amounts of species diversity as NOTHING lives or thrives in a shortage of CO2.

As for the levels themselves being "harmful", submarines have a maximum CO2 level of if I recall around 6000 PPM for 12 months, the ISS is way up in the 1000s of PPM too for its upper "safe" level

And people are panicking about 600ppm? lol

We shouldn't be looking at moving cars away from diesel until petrol engines are giving as many MPG as diesels, THAT would be the point where it would make sense, but even then it would ONLY be for cars

What we are seeing isn't "green" its not even really a health issue, its purely a financial exercise to net more tax from already tax burdened hard working people pushed for by the wealthy who want to be even more wealthy and can afford the extra tax themselves which wont be the case for many thousands, perhaps millions of others and all on the back of fake science, flawed and disproven claims, totally incorrect predictions and baseless future predictions based on severely flawed and dysfunctional computer modelling

Yet so many naïve gullible useful idiots in search of some "cause" to support lap it up like catnick

Its embarassing

mattfreshfield    on 13 November 2017

Are you a spambot or an oil company PR consultant?

Husbandofstinky    on 16 November 2017


In amongst your novel were some very well put points.

Your every day Joe seriously needs a reality check into this whole popularist lead d*****.

EV's have their place but those holier than thou owners seriously need to consider what is on the other end of the plug.

Phil Norton    on 13 November 2017

None of this is surprising, the proles have woken up to what engineers have always known: the slightly higher CO2 emissions from petrol engines are not just harmless, but actually essential to life, and that diesels far from being clean and economical (especially with the technology supposed to clean them up, and produce acceptable performance), now emit more deadly toxins and are less reliable, hence more expensive to run, than the old soot belchers.

Andrew Hosking    on 13 November 2017

Hybrids got a raw deal in the recent VED changes.
Nothing has been done by the government to make an incentive- in fact the complete opposite!

Edited by Andrew Hosking on 13/11/2017 at 18:28

   on 13 November 2017

I have a 2016 i20 diesel road tax £20 year... with road tax at least £140 a year (not counting electric) THERE IS NO INCENTIVE TO CHANGE IT.
Remember when diesel was the IN thing they made fuel cheaper etc etc. now they want us all to go electric hence no road tax fee.. whats going to happen when we all do have electric cars? that we cant charge as we struggle to supply the electric demand we require at present for daily use....
AS SOON AS WE ALL HAVE ELECTRIC CARS THE PRICE OF ELECTRIC IS GOING TO SKY ROCKET to the point where we cant afford to use electic for daily living needs and all so we can line the pockets of the electric companies that are owned by foreign company's.... Uk suffers and goes further down the S..t hole

Johnno431    on 14 November 2017

I reckon this 12% Drop is due in some part to the £1550 tax penalty the government has put on cars listed at £40000 or more. I would have expected it from a party of envy like labour or communist but from the Tories ?! The party that believes in people getting on in life and having nice things ??
But if car showrooms think this fall in demand is bad, just wait for the effects of Brexit when fiscal punishment against Britain voiced by the EU and , in particular, Germany and France results in plummeting sales of BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche..
I for one will be keeping my car a lot longer than the usual three years.

Barry Shandley    on 14 November 2017

Shouldn't diesel engine manufacturers be made to design cleaner engines which do not emit noxious substances?

   on 18 November 2017

Also theres no such thing as cheap road tax no more. £140 for a 1.0L fiesta now as apposed to £20 for the exact same car registered before 17 plates

   on 27 November 2017

A few months back using this site I did these calcs.

I am looking at a car change. I was thinking about a 1.5 litre diesel Nissan Qashqai. Honest Johns website says 53mpg and it produces 99g/Km of CO2. So for 10,000 miles a year that's 189 gallons of fuel costing me £995 at local prices and I produce 1594Kg of CO2.

Now if instead I buy the 1.6 litre petrol, Honest Johns real mpg website says 40mpg and it produces 134g/Km of CO2. So for the same number of miles it will cost me £1293 for petrol (that’s +£298 over diesel) and will produce 2221Kg of CO2.(that’s +627Kg or 39% more).

So I'm spending roughly £300 more a year for fuel and will produce roughly 40% more that really a good move and more importantly will I in five years time be penalised for buying a petrol car which is producing more CO2?

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