Ford launches scrappage scheme

Published 21 August 2017

Ford has launched its own scrappage scheme, offering UK car buyers at least £2000 off a new car when they trade-in their old pre-Euro6 petrol or diesel car. The offer will run until the end of the year and is available on all new Fords.  

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The scrappage scheme is open to owners of all non-Ford vehicles registered up to and including 31 December 2009 and Ford has pledged to scrap all the cars that are traded in. Classics will not be exempt from the crusher, with Ford stating that it'll be down to the car buyer to decide if they want their car broken up and recycled. 

The scheme will run until the end of the year and can be used in conjunction with any existing deals. This means a Ford Focus buyer can save up to £4950 on the advertised list price, while a Kuga buyer will save up to £4000. C-Max buyers can get a maximum discount of £4500, while the Fiesta will only qualify for the basic £2000 scrap incentive. Ford has said there will be no exceptions from the offer, which means buyers can trade-in an old banger to get £2000 off ST or RS models.  

“We don’t believe incentivising sales of new cars goes far enough," said Andy Barratt, chairman and MD of Ford of Britain. "We will ensure that all trade-in vehicles are scrapped. Acting together we can take hundreds of thousands of the dirtiest cars off our roads and out of our cities.

*Update 29 August 2017* 

Despite assurances that the scrappage scheme applied to "all models", Ford has now changed its stance somewhat by releasing a limited list of cars that qualify (as seen below).

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Model Series

Scrappage Saving incl VAT

B-MAX Titanium, Titanium X £3500
B-MAX Titanium Navigator, Titanium X Navigator £3200

C-MAX & Grand C-MAX  


C-MAX & Grand C-MAX   Titanium, Titanium X £4500
New Fiesta All execpt Style models £2000

Zetec Edition, ST-Line  


Titanium, Titanium X

Kuga All £3000


TheGentlemanThug    on 22 August 2017

A nice idea, but I can only see this being relevant to a small group of buyers; namely those who want to downsize and don't care about depreciation.

Shame it doesn't apply to used cars within a certain price range.

Telegram Sam    on 24 August 2017

Forgive my cynicism but if in order to benefit I am tied in to buying a new car from Ford then this is little different from any other manufacturer's sales promotion scheme. As long as my elderly non-Ford diesel continues to perform I would only be incentivized to change by a no strings attached scrappage scheme which is what I thought all the shouting was about. When you think what you lose when you take a new car out through the showroom door - no deal!!

Bob Ramsay    on 29 August 2017

"The offer will run until the end of the year and is available on all new Fords."

That isn't what it says on their website, there is no mention whatsoever of any figures for the new Mustang, Ka or Edge.

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