Jeep Cherokee (2002 – 2007) Review

Jeep Cherokee (2002 – 2007) At A Glance


+Better than the previous Cherokee model. Cute old-school looks.

-All models are thirsty. Poor pedestrian safety rating in crash test. Quality problems.

On average it achieves 89% of the official MPG figure

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Real MPG average for a Jeep Cherokee (2002 – 2007)


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Average performance


Real MPG

17–33 mpg

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Jeep Cherokee recall has disabled my towbar - what are my options?
"I recently took my Jeep Cherokee to the dealer for its safety recall and, after the inspection, a cross-car beam had to be fitted. To do this Jeep have removed the towbar and told me that the vehicle cannot be fitted with it anymore (they have not be able to source one to fit yet). I find this unacceptable as I specifically bought the car to tow things. I’ve contacted Jeep customer services, but they’re not interested. What are my options?"
Absolutely. If the Jeep dealer fitted the towbar then the Jeep dealer is liable to either repair your car and fit another towbar so that it can tow or buy your car from you because it has been rendered unsuitable for the purpose for which you bought it. As part of the recall in the USA, Cherokees fitted with the modified protective crossbar were also retrofitted with MOPAR towbars free of charge. You and anyone else with the same problem can legally compel either the dealer who sold you the car or Chrysler UK to make the car safe and also make it capable of towing.
Answered by Honest John
My Jeep Cherokee's sat nav permanently thinks it's off-road. Any help?
"I have a 2007 Jeep Cherokee fitted with a RB3 satnav and it permanently says OFF-ROAD. The only verbal instruction I get is a voice saying follow the on-screen arrow....then no more voice. To follow the arrow would send me around in circles as it is so inaccurate. The off-road thing is new to me, just suddenly started. Any help out there please?"
I guess you could try the old computer thing of re-booting it. Are there any instructions in the manual? The answer might be to eject the disc/SD card, switch everything off, replace the disc/SD card, then see if it re-boots. Failing that, seek a satnav spacialist.
Answered by Honest John
Need a 4x4 for towing a horsebox
"We are looking to buy a second car, solely for towing a horsebox. We will only be using it once every two weeks or so for distances of between 10 to 100 miles at a time. We have £5000 to spend and the vehicle must have a braked towing weight of around 3.5 tonne. We were set on the Jeep Cherokee (2002 - 2007) 2.8 sport but I have just read the large number of bad things to look out for. Would there be anything else you can recommend in our budget range? "
Few automatics can tow this weight. But 3500kg requires a big 4x4, like the Mitsubishi Shogun, Pajero. Trooper. Land Rover Discovery. Toyota Land Cruiser. No Hyundais or KIAs can safely tow 3500kg.
Answered by Honest John
Replacement for Jeep Cherokee
"I am thinking about replacing my 7 yr old petrol auto Jeep Cherokee. I do 5000 miles a year and don't need full 4x4, but wish to retain a lazy petrol engine and auto box - what would you recommend?"
Probably the new Toyota RAV-4 2.0i Valvematic Multidrive S, which is 4WD. Honda does a 2WD CR-V 2.0i auto but it's not really powerful enough. Mazda doesn't do a CX-5 2.0i auto.
Answered by Honest John
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