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Car running costs spreadsheet - Welliesorter
In an earlier 'I have a question' thread (www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=13782 ) there was some discussion of spreadsheets to calculate car running costs by entering mileage and fuel consumption.

Did anyone come up with the perfect spreadsheet as a result of this? I know DavidHM had one at the time.

If anyone has such a thing I'd be grateful if they'd send it to me. I'll update my profile to include an e-mail address.

Thanks in anticipation.

[Not added to the current 'I have a question' thread because the subject is motoring-related.]

Car running costs spreadsheet - Pugugly {P}
I use a programme downloaded from CarCare.com. Works out everything for you in any combination of units (litres/KM, Gallons/Miles and Litres/Miles) brilliant. Good personal support from the writer who tweaked some bits for me with a patch.
Car running costs spreadsheet - Welliesorter
I use a programme downloaded from CarCare.com.

Are you sure that's the correct site? If I go to www.carcare.com I get redirected to a site called firstplace.com which looks very much like one of those spam web sites set up to fool search engines.

A search of my own did reveal a beginner's guide to creating your own spreadsheet that would serve the purpose: tinyurl.com/2c2cs (Acrobat file). I'm not a spreadsheet expert but this doesn't look terribly hard.
Car running costs spreadsheet - cockle {P}
Welliesorter, have sent you a copy of an Excel spreadsheet that I use, hope it's of some use to you.

Car running costs spreadsheet - Pugugly {P}

Sorry about that. It exports to Excel and Pdf files. It has a Windows front end for easy viewing. As I said excellent almost instant support by e-mail.
Car running costs spreadsheet - Welliesorter
Thanks to both, especially to Cockle for sending your own spreadsheet. The program mentioned in Pugugly's post also seems worth a look as it's available on free trial.

Car running costs spreadsheet - Ronniexx
Hi Cockle

I've been trying to develop an Excel spreadsheet to do the car expenses for my husband's business. May I send what I did to you for some help? I'm getting lost at the more than 10000 miles calculation - I'm okay up to then. Look forward to hearing from you.


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