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Vauxhall Zafira - Zafira faulty codes P0725, P1335, P1631 - Hakk

Hi guys I have got a Zafira 2.0 Cdti ES reg. 2002 which is faulty with codes P0725, P1335 and P1631. No garages seems to know what was wrong with it before I got the codes but until I took it to Wilson & co and there I got a shock of my life.

I got a diagnostic checks report which says : POOR ENGINE RUNNING AND WARNING LIGHTS ON. CODES STORED P0725 ENGINE SPEED SENSOR, P1335 INJECTION PUMP NO INPUT SIGNAL, P1631 INJECTION PUMP MALFUNCTION REQUIRES NEW INJECTION PUMP AND ECU ASSEMBLY.. And by fixing all this will cost at £2,953. It's more than the car worth to be honest. The car still runs but when it comes to a fault its revving up by self.

Yes please, I really need your help and advice. I reach to a point of selling the car but because I have got a large family I shell wait and solve the problem or comes to an end.

Please let me know what would you do in my place. Thank you all.

Vauxhall Zafira - Zafira faulty codes P0725, P1335, P1631 - Collos25

First I would take it to someone with the correct computer and find out what is really wrong ,the codes you have given refer to a number of faults that automatically come when you have one or more parts malfunction on there own they are meaningless.


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