In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - Rebecca {P}
Further to the car tax question, I have decided to hand back my company car (sob!) and take the money instead. I will get petrol on expenses, so will pay tax on the cost of fuel rather than the BIK formula. Company will also pay tax and maintenance which will be taxed as a benefit too.

From a distance I've always liked the Citroen Picasso. It has a good HJ report, a search on here hasn't shown up any horror stories, the unoffical Picasso website is also helpful.

Does anyone here have any further comments to add? I am arranging a test drive today, it's the 2.0 16v Exclusive Auto 2003 model that I'm interested in.

Also any thoughts on timing? Is it worth ordering a new car for March registration? How much would that affect re-sale values? Each month I keep the BMW costs me about £300 in tax (why didn't I sort this out earlier?!)

PS The local dealers quote is approx £2000 more than one sourced via this site, and another via the Picasso site. Unbelievable! (all quotes include Citroen's £2000 cashback)
In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - KB.
Try Carfile for a quote as well as the UK broker sites mentioned on this site. A discount is essential. Pretty impressive package for the money and very popular. Still a bit unusual to look at but very roomy and nice high driving position. Check the front pillars for vision. Given that its nearly February now, I'd buy in March.

Grrrrrr so cross! - Rebecca {P}
I went to the local dealer to arrange a test drive...and was totally ignored for the 10 minutes I was there. And the dealership was a complete mess - no literature for the Picasso anywhere to be seen. OK so we know I'm not buying from there, but they didn't. Is this a Citroen attitude or have I been spoiled by the BMW dealership's customer service in the past?

(rant over, but not forgotten)
Grrrrrr so cross! - terryb
Your experience is not typical of Citroen dealers specifically, more typical of car dealers generally. When we went to look at Berlingos for SWMBO the salesman kept talking to me even though it was Anjie who would be buying the car. So we went to another dealer (this time our local tame independent Cit specialist) who treated us both like grown-ups and eventually got the deal - plus my Jeep order!

Grrrrrr so cross! - J Bonington Jagworth
My daughter (a solicitor) had a similar experience when house-buying recently. Whenever she accompanied her fiance to the agents, they would only ever talk to her about the decor, and her firm was doing the conveyancing!

Plus ca change...
Grrrrrr so cross! - T Lucas
Hard to beat BMW customer service,although my brother is not getting much help from the local BMW dealer to arrange an extended test in a 330 Diesel.This dealer supplied his current 325 and 3 others in his office within the last 24 months.
The sales people must be earning too much money!
Grrrrrr so cross! - Dude - {P}
Why don`t you stick with the brand you have been driving, and go for a BMW 320dSE Compact. If it`s your own money you`re spending, you don`t want to see it rapidly eroded through depreciation, which will happen if you buy a Citroen. Have a look at H.J`s report on the 320d SE compact, - not only is it brilliant to drive, but has one of the lowest depreciating rates of any car on the market today!!
Grrrrrr so cross! - Hurman

I had the 1.8 standard version from new on an 02 plate for one year. I have a wife and two kids aged 2 1/2 and 10 months. Was my first company car but I no longer work for that company - Originally wanted a Zafira but after reading many different write ups the Picasso seemed to be the best

Dislikes / Problems:

The only mechanical failure I had was an offside front wheel bearing fail but this was replaced under warranty. I am 6ft 3 and found a good seating position hard to come by I also found more than 2 hours in the driving seat very uncomfortable, my wife also complained the rear seats were rock solid. The front pillars are a nightmare for visability especially going round right hand bends / turns. I also managed to get the thing sideways after letting off the accelerator going round a greasy corner but once I knew it would do this it became enjoyable!

Likes / positives:

Super family car and 'crap' lugger. The rear seats are very quick and simple to fold down and give ample room for most items without being removed. The storage in the rear footwells is useful and the overall layout has obvioulsy been thought about. It went and cornered similar to a 'standard' car and you didn't feel like you were driving around in a van. The elevated seating position gives you a great view over the traffic and the dashboard and gear leaver position work well. It was a good car to drive and was exactly what we needed in terms of transporting the family and all the associated Paraphernalia.

I did the same as you and visited the local Citreon dealer, Reg Vardy and they were excellent. At the time the deal was 10,000 pounds for the 1.8 Sx and 500 quid for the sunroof. I don't know what the deals are now but they seem to go up and down throughout the year. Once I had the car I took it to another Reg Vardy dealer closer to work and I was very impressed by their service department. No drama and always efficient. No I don't work for Vardy's it just nice to say something positive about dealerships for once!! I never take my own cars to dealerships for service so this was a new experience for me.

The delaership we went to initially were offering a trial weekend where you could have the car for 48 hours and see how you got on.

Hope this helps.

In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - AndyT
There is a dedicated website for these cars. I'm not sure if I am permitted to post the address on here, but if you do a search (on google etc)for 'citroen picasso' you should come across it.
In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - Mark (RLBS)
Much as we would like to be the only web resource you would ever need, we do accept that we are not. [yet]

Therefore, by all means recommend a useful web site. If it is that good, HJ may well take it from here and put it in his list of useful web addresses.

If I think a site should not be recommended, whether content, motive or other reason, I will remove it, so don't worry about it.

In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - AndyT
As good as done!
In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - Rebecca {P}
Thanks Andy - actually that is the site I was referring to in my original post - sorry if I didn't make it clear. There's a link to it from the car-by-car breakdown and it's been very helpful.
In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - moosh
2.0 16v?
I presume this is the petrol model.
Why not consider the 2.0 HDI (diesel). Much better fuel economy, less depreciation and arguably a better drive.
In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - Rebecca {P}
I'm sure you're right, but I am dead set on an Automatic (much to Husband's disgust).
In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - moosh
Didn't realise there is no Picasso diesel auto.

A big mistake on Citroen's part surely??

In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - DavidHM
Because it's not available as an auto? Otherwise, even with a company mileage policy, you'd still be better off with the diesel.

I'm guessing that Rebecca is going to be leasing her car; this makes things even more complicated as you can't compare leases quite as easily as loans. It's worth looking at the finance section of and as well as the Citroën scheme, as there is no point in gaining a huge discount and then losing it on the finance.

For instance, could do a £13k loan (should be Rebecca's target price) for £272 per month, with a £5200 balloon payment (to be met by selling the car) and no deposit. wants £472 per month with no balloon (which is actually £2k more over the 3 years) and maintenance, with them, is an incredible £350 a month (!)... So actually, probably not worth going there. is the Alliance and Leciester's site, which focuses on its unsecured personal loans with balloon payments that are aimed at car buyers. The APR is very low and a three year old Picasso should leave you with some equity (probably £800 - £2000) as a deposit towards the next one.
In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - DavidHM
There is a diesel auto of the Xsara estate, with the 110 bhp engine. (But please, don't go there R).

I think the problem is that a 90 bhp Picasso, with an automatic, would be hilariously underpowered. I also believe (but am willing to be shot down) that the 110 bhp engine, with its intercooler and so on, wouldn't fit under the rhd Picasso's bonnet, so it's quite sensible not to bring out a car that would be overtaken even by 2.3 litre Mazda6s.
In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - moosh
Citroen should have thought of this at the Picasso's design stage.
A Picasso 2.0 HDI (110 bhp)auto would be seller.
In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - KB.
It seems not everyone is aware that there is an automatic Piacasso about to come out with a 2 litre engine and in Exclusive trim if I recall correctly. Can't remember the details, but its a fairly powerful engine.

In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - DavidHM
Would that be the petrol automatic 2.0 that Rebecca is after? It's also available in the slightly lower spec SX.
In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - daryld
This is a little bit off the thread..but here goes:-)

What is the definition of an 'underpowered' car with an auto 'box?

I bought my wife a new VW Golf 1.6SE auto, petrol 100 BHP. She uses it it every day as the familly bus for our two young kids. Recently Top Gear said that the Golf 1.6 Auto was 'too slow' and 'should be avoided', etc.

What rubbish.

For what we use the car for it is perfect. It is no racing car but then why should it be with our precious kids in the back? The car accelerates very briskly and still has liquid-smooth gear changes (unlike the Corsa auto we had before) after 40,000 miles.

So a 90BHP Citroen family bus sounds OK to me..except I would never touch a french automatic car with a barge pole. I used to have a Renault 25 (don't laugh) auto and it had two gearboxes in 10,000 miles. And I was lucky!
In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - moosh

Sell it before 3 year manufacturers warranty expires.
In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - Ben79
So a 90BHP Citroen family bus sounds OK to me..except I
would never touch a french automatic car with a barge pole.
I used to have a Renault 25 (don't laugh) auto and
it had two gearboxes in 10,000 miles. And I was lucky!

I may have had a hard day at work, but the 90 BHP diesel doesnt come with an auto. Only the 2.0 16v petrol, 138bhp and according to HJ's review, the superb German ZF gearbox, not the french one that keeps on being complained about.

In the market for a new Citroen Picasso - Rebecca {P}
I will have a look at smartermotoring today - thanks.

Hopefully I will talk the company into paying me a one-off bonus that will be big enough (afer tax) to buy the car outright. Will have to see what the Chairman has to say abou the idea.

If you don't ask, you don't get do you?


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