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As a motor trader do I have the right to charge a customer for re valeting, re advertising and and any damage to a car? (In this case £80)

I sold a very tidy 12 year old car to a customer with a new MOT and they are rejecting it a week later with no reasonable grounds after I had repaired a simple fault they refused to even take it back.

I have offered them their money back but stated I will charge them for the above.

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Seems more than reasonable to me ,
In reality if you have repaired the car you can reasonably refuse a refund , it's up to the customer whether they take the car away .

I would tell the customer you will charge them storage fees if they leave the car on your premises .£50 a week would be reasonable .
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There are no grounds to reject, unless the vehicle is not as advertised, or has a fault that the dealer refuses to rectify, and in such case the purchaser would have to take action to recover monies


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