Buying 1 / 2 year old cars - thirts

I am looking at buying either a Yaris or Jazz that is 1 or 2 years old. However my concern is would I be buying someone elses lemon? - Afterall why on earth would you trade in a new car after only 1 or 2 years ownership?

I can undertsand with Fiestas and Focuses, you are probably buying an ex fleet car, but I doubt that is the case with a Yaris or Jazz

Any views?

Buying 1 / 2 year old cars - Collos25

Why not ? Plus there are plenty of mobil nurses who have a two year lease plus driving schools,renta cars,garage service cars ,mobility cars returned early the list is pretty long.

Buying 1 / 2 year old cars - oldroverboy.

That is what I always buy, generally about a year old, and save lots of money. That is what i have done for the past 10 years, and it mitigates the losses at trade in time, as i usually sell at expiry of manufacturers warranty.

Buying 1 / 2 year old cars - madf

Both have warranties >1 year. 3 years Honda, 5 years Toyota.. check when introduced.

Honda Jazz usually bought with 3-4 years free servicing Honda Care.

My last 2 cars:

Toyota Yaris d4d bought when 2 years old in 2005..(Half new price) Faultless apart from brakes, tyres, ARB bushes, and a new battery this year aftyer 10 years.

Honda Jazz bought with 300 miles on clock and six months old with 4 years Honda Care , lots of add ons. (75% of new pirce in 2012 ). I expect it to be faultless in 2022.

Unlike Ford,VW, Audi Peugeot , Citroen GM and other carp companies, both offer superb cover and if a fault is a design one will extend warranty on the item to 7 years. (Provided you have a full service history of 80% of one).

Buying 1 / 2 year old cars - daveyjp
Many could be ex rental and two year PCPs aren't unknown. I've found up to six months old vehicles are often ex demos.

We were loking at up to two year old Yaris last week, but we were shocked at the state of some of them and how much they were asking.

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Buying 1 / 2 year old cars - Falkirk Bairn

I bought a brand new car at a huge discount - 30%

Run out / last of the old does not have all the bells and whistles of the new model but I bought a new car for about the price of a 2nd hand car and ony 11 miles on the clock.

Buying 1 / 2 year old cars - Avant

I agree - there are some new cars, not all run-out models, where the deal is good enough to make it better value than buying nearly-new. Last September my daughter found that was true with the Hyundai i10, over £5,000 cheaper than an equivalent mid-range Yaris and still well below the price of a year-old Yaris.

Buying 1 / 2 year old cars - sandy56

ANy car you buy new or old can be a disaster. Just read some of the stories on this website. Go for a car you like at the price you can afford and check out the reports on reliability etc on this and other website BEFORE you buy it.

All cars need looking after- regular checks and maintenance, if you cant do the basic checks get someone to show and explain them to you. It is not difficult.

If you cant do the repairs that it will need then you will have to use a garage, DO NOT ignore warning lights.


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