Removing front bumper 306 - Nicolas
Hi there,

I'm having a hard time removing my front bumper of my peugeot 306. (1998).
Could someone help me out?
I searched the net for some pictures but found none.


Nicolas (BE)
Removing front bumper 306 - Andrew-T
Nic - try borrowing Haynes manual from local library. Section 11·4 refers and gives some photos to identify essential bolts, etc. Process may be slightly different depending whether you have foglamps fitted.
Removing front bumper 306 - Nicolas
Already checked the library... they have none of the haynes books. Only 3 stores in Belgium sells them. None of them is near my place.
Yes mine's fitted with foglamps..

thx tho.
Removing front bumper 306 - Dynamic Dave
You could try emailing Haynes and asking them. A colleague was having trouble changing a blown front fog bulb on his 306 and the Haynes manual wasn't much help as that particular section was very vague. I guess Haynes felt they owed him one because the manual he bought wasn't up to the job he had bought it for.
Removing front bumper 306 - IanT
The following is copied from the Haynes manual ...

1. For improved access, apply the handbrake, then jack up the front of the vehicle and support securely on axle stands (see "Jacking and Vehicle Support").

2. Working at each side of the bumper, remove the screws, and where applicable drill out the rivets securing the splash shields and/or the wheelarch liners to the sides of the bumper.

3. On certain models, it may be necessary to remove the washer fluid reservoir for access to the right-hand bumper securing nuts.

4. On models with foglights, disconnect the battery negative lead, then disconnect the foglight wiring connectors.

5. Working under the bumper, remove the remaining two self-tapping screws securing the bumper to the front body panel.

6. Again working under the bumper, unscrew the four nuts (two on each side) securing the bumper to the front body panel. Reach up behind the bumper for access to the bolts.

7. Carefully withdraw the bumper from the front of the vehicle.

8 Refitting is the reversal of removal, but note that the fit of the bumper can be adjusted by altering the position of the eccentric rubber mounting buffers at the sides of the bumper. Ensure that the bumper engages with the buffers on refitting.

Removing front bumper 306 - Nicolas
Thx a lot!!

You have been a great help.

Removing front bumper 306 - HF
I have a great and fairly unusual way of removing front bumper.

I have mentioned it before, but just so you know - try incessant in-and-out manouvres, up-and-down and back-and-forth manoevres, to get your car into a really inaccessible garage.

I can guarantee that at some point the bumper will extract itself from the main body of the car ;)
Removing front bumper 306 - Dave_TD
I gather that technique only works on older french cars HF!

My mum tried it with her Volvo 240 some years ago, and demolished the left hand up&over door runner!


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