Volkswagen Parts - lauriew
Is there a problem getting VW parts?
My daughter has waited 9 months for a drivers door lock on their Sharan. This was a result of a bodged break-in.
Main dealer keeps saying "order still active, no news yet".
Must remember not to buy VW for me.
Volkswagen Parts - JimmiMac
Never had a problem personally but have you tried one of the big specialist suppliers like Eurocarparts or German, Swedish and French (GSF)as an alternative??

Volkswagen Parts - lauriew
Thanks for your suggestion, JimmiMac.
I will pass on to my daughter. I have suggested that she should place another order with other dealers to see if improvement.
Volkswagen Parts - DavidHM
Euro and GSF, excellent though they are, probably won't be able to help with something as specific to the car as a lock (as it would presumably need to match the existing keys). However, you might get lucky and find a working lock in the scrapyard that you could use to secure the car in conjunction with the remote locking, which would be a cheap and effective short term solution.
Volkswagen Parts - Peter D
Ring aroung VW deals well out of your area and fing a lock then request your dealer to get it from them. Go on the net VW site and email customer sevice or ring them and ask what the problem is. Regards Good Luck Peter
Volkswagen Parts - lauriew
Thank you all for your responses/suggestions, will try all tomorrow.


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