How Much for an MX5 Special ? - Dave E
Mrs Etchells has finally decided that an MX5 is the car for her and currently they do a vary tasty special with a hard top. The Montana has other extras such as leather and air-con and is priced just a shade under £3k over the price of a standard 1.8 model, at £18995.

I have had a sniff around the dealer and naturally they claim that Mazda will not discount. But ! Lo,in this weeks local rag the very same dealer is offering it at £17995 with a £500 deposit allowance from Mazda. Shades of trying to shift them a bit quicker?

The trouble is, as it is a special it is unlikely any will turn up at the supermarkets. Autobytel have them at £17800 and I have requested a price from brokerforcars, disappointingly without a response within the promised 48 hours, not even 7 days.

I suppose it always comes down to how much one wants a particular model when deciding a price that is acceptable. Shopping hard enough will get a new standard 1.8 for £13 - 14k but not with the top and the air, which add another £3k. Any ideas?
How Much for an MX5 Special ? - Martin Wall
I think paying even 18K for an MX5 is crazy - things like leather/air-con in an MX5 will make it easier to sell on but I doubt anyone will be willing to pay an extra few thousand in a few years time.

Mazda bring out 'special' versions of the MX5 a couple of times a year it seems - possible to keep people/press interested in a car that seems to have been around for ages.

Still if you must have one then try all the usual car brokers for a price - ukcarbroker, drivethedeal, carfile, jamjar, etc.

If you don't have a trade-in then your local dealer should be able to match these - after all who buys a soft-top in January - I don't imagine your local dealer has a large queue of people camped outside his premises waiting to buy MX5s :-)

If you were planning to spend 18K on a Mazda sports why not go the 'whole hog' and spend 20K on an RX8....! (see related thread)

good luck!
How Much for an MX5 Special ? - Martin Wall thedeal list this available with a discout of £0.00 (!)
How Much for an MX5 Special ? - DavidHM
Autobytel seems to be the cheapest at £17750.

Personally I'd go for a cheaper, more basic one, but probably your wife likes the extra features regardless.
How Much for an MX5 Special ? - DavidHM
Oh, you noticed Autobytel. Sorry, I must pay more attention.
How Much for an MX5 Special ? - T Lucas
MX5 is a great car,buy the best one that you can afford,you will not regret one moment of owning the car!
Funnily enough i sell more convertibles in Dec,Jan and Feb than July,Aug and September,but people do buy them at anytime of the year.
Mazda UK do have lots of different specials throughout the year,and there are even more specials available in Japan.
If the car is going to be used all year i would buy a hardtop for the winter months.
The '98 on cars that we bring from Japan are all 6 speed,a/c,abs and limited slip diff with a 'sports suspension'.
Great car,stuff the price,buy one!
How Much for an MX5 Special ? - Tony44
Have owned two MX5s in the past. Best value for money IMO is the 1.8i. Pay £650 extra and it comes with 15" alloys and a cloth soft top. I had a hard top on my first one - couldn't wait to get rid of it. Definitely a pain to store in summer and a worse pain in winter when the sun suddenly comes out ;-)

Good(ish) deals can be had. If you are in striking distance of South Wales I can recommend a dealer.


How Much for an MX5 Special ? - volvoman
Yep Martin - and even if you don't want an RX8 what is its low list price gonna do to that of the MX5 later this year ?
How Much for an MX5 Special ? - Vansboy
We're doing EXACTLY the same thing, to get Mrs Vansboy her new car!
It is to be an Mx5 too. The Montana prices you mention are as good as you'll get, but we feel you don't need all it has on it.
We tried a 1.8 Sport today, but the ride is much,much firmer than 1.8i.Bigger wheels,skinny n wide tyres, stiffer shocks, made it all a little unpleasant,in comparrison.
Fear not,next month you can get the Nevada in silver or blue, with contrasting colour cloth tops/interiors.Hope it looks better than it sounds!
1.6 £15995 cloth (Don't buy a 1.6 everyone will say!)
1.8 £16495 cloth
!.8 £16995 leather,one day somebody will explain to me the attraction to sitting on dead animals.No I don't eat them either, but find leather a poor choice for comfort,appearance,maintainance,cost....
Anyway,both yours & mine will love there cars!!!
How Much for an MX5 Special ? - Tony44
There is a green one at Donalds,50-64 BURGHLEY ROAD
PETERBOROUGH Telephone: 01733 565787
Price: £17495 Mileage: 5
Reg Date: 29/11/2002 Reg No: AJ52WFF

I should think you could haggle a bit too.


How Much for an MX5 Special ? - Martin Wall
Arnold Clark Mazda in Scotland has 52 plate pre-reg Montana for £16,495

Try 0141 889 8526 (Paisley branch - it's near Glasgow...)


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