diesel dilema - gibbo
just been watching the local news

a diesel scam has just been uncovered red diesel was been bought by a garage in birmingham then had an acid/bleaching agent added to it then sold as full price diesel on the forecourt
whats the big deal you may ask?
2 local taxi firms that used this garage have had to put a number of new engines in their taxis at around 3k a time as the bleaching agent screwed up their diesel units

diesel dilema - Andrew-T
Well, surprise, surprise. I hope the drivers gang up on the crooks.
diesel dilema - andymc {P}
Hmm - I'd say they'd have a case for suing the garage if they can prove that's where they got all/most of their fuel from. Damage to engines is just one reason not to use hooky fuel - there's also the fact that if C&E dip your tank and find you've been using illegal fuel they can impound your car and fine you. £750 is where they usually seem to start for a first offence, at least around here - I live in a rural area where a lot of people just put red diesel in their cars, and they do get caught from time to time.


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