lease car. how much ! - AP
I have a chance of buying a 3 year old peugeot 206 glx 1400 with a kosher 13000 miles on it. It will be available in february. What would be a fair price for it.any suggestions.THANKS.
lease car. how much ! - DavidHM
V or W reg?

206 prices are very high and I can see this going at a main dealer for £6995. If you can generally buy similar cars off the fleet but with higher mileage, it probably isn't worth offering more than £5500 for it. I've just talked myself up to include a premium for the low mileage; not really sure if that's wise though :-)

Don't forget that a car like that will either have stood for a long time or been used only on short journeys. The most unreliable car my parents ever owned was a Rover bought at four years and 18k, replacing a 100k Audi that never missed a beat. (It's fair to say that Audis are generally better built than Rovers, but still...)


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