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Remote Central Locking Kit - FFX-DM
I have searched the archive, but did not find the answer to my question, so perhaps somebody could enlighten me.

I have a car (Citroën ZX) with central locking, but unfortunately not the remotely operated variety. I have spotted aftermarket kits for this on the web which claim to be simple to fit. They seem to be divided into the ones which claim to plug in and go (in place of current central locking control unit) and the ones which come with lots of wires and assurances of simplicity.

The CL works from drivers side and/or passenger side currently. Can somebody tell me what fitting a kit actually entails. Is it really as simple as plug and go? Does anybody know where the gubbins is located on a Citroën ZX? Can anybody recommend a supplier and kit that they have purchased and fitted themselves? I see the Maplins one looks popular, but that is one of the types with worrying amounts of wiring.

Be gentle with me, I am car electrics phobic! :-)
Remote Central Locking Kit - M.M

Are you sure you haven't just got a car where the remote fob wasn't passed to you by the previous owner.

That is very common on BXs that have been through a few hands.

Remote Central Locking Kit - FFX-DM
I wish! :-(

No, it's a 'Leader' 1.9D. It's a strange model, which doesn't appear on the spec lists. I have Central locking, PAS, airbag, immobiliser (think the last 3 were standard on ZX's from 96 anyway) but I have a naffo sunroof, not the nice tilt 'n' slide one, manually wound windows and basic seats. I will be starting a thread on DIY electric windows once I have cracked the easy stuff (ha ha ha ha!).
Remote Central Locking Kit - KB.
Not seen the kits you refer to, but is it stating the expensively obvious to say that you can have a remote alarm fitted and get the CL connected up to it? I would say professional fitting of a decent alarm inc. CL connection would be no more than £300. Have had it done a couple of times by a reputable alarm company myself and always happy with it.

Remote Central Locking Kit - Dave_TD
I've looked into this for my Octavia, the local audio+security place tells me they can convert my CL to remote with rolling code for £100 fitted, and the deadlocks will still work!
Or the alternative is a £55 Sparkrite alarm and £45 Sparkrite CL interface from Halfords, although I'm not sure about the code integrity on that one. But you do get a basic alarm!
I should add, it's impossible to lock the Octavia with the key without activating the deadlocks as well, which I think is a good thing. On most cars with deadlocks you have to consciously apply them after locking the door normally, so most (non-motoring type) people don't. Also the deadlocks lock and unlock from either front door AND the boot.
Remote Central Locking Kit - Dave_TD
I'm not fussed about the convenience aspect of remote locking, merely the fact that I won't scratch the lock surround when I'm in a hurry! Still haven't invested £100 in it though.
Remote Central Locking Kit - FFX-DM
I do not fancy having an alarm. I am on quite good terms with my neighbours and want to stay that way! I am not convinced that they deter thieves very much and I keep my car in the garage overnight.

I still think I would rather fit a kit myself than pay somebody else to do it, if possible, especially as this is a convenience thing, not an essential. I will see if any of the retailers can help me out with info on their kits and if and when I fit one I will report back to the forum.

Remote Central Locking Kit - M.M

I wonder how much of the remote bits Citroen "left out" on your model?

I mean if it was just the control/receiver bit missing and the wiring was there perhaps you could get the missing bits from a scrapper.

Someone will know over on "the other site".

Remote Central Locking Kit - Dave Citroen
The standard fit ZX central locking (based on N-reg Volcane TD) has an infra-red receiver which sits in the roof under the cover for the sunroof switch/map lights/front interior light. Cost is about £130 new (includines 2 key fobs). Also, locking remotely is the only way to activate the factory-fit alarm, so that must be wired in somewhere too. I don't know whether other models have the wiring fitted but not the receiver. Presumably the aftermarket systems are radio-controlled (you have to have a direct line of sight for the infra-red systems). It might be worth enlisting the help of an auto-electrician if you know a friendly one...... or is there anything helpful in the Haynes manual?
Remote Central Locking Kit - Mike H
...... or is
there anything helpful in the Haynes manual?

I think this is what's known as an oxymoron.....:-)

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