Mk4 Fiesta brakes - Moby
Recently the brakes in my car have been grinding when I first apply the footbrake after pulling away. I drive the car around 120miles every day and this has only been happening for the past month or so. The grinding dies down after a few braking events, but there is a definite rumble thereafter when I apply the brakes.

I purchased the car back in June 2001 and had it serviced with Ford, they replaced the brake fluid. I have done 20k miles since then (also with original tyres, even wear - I'm not a heavy braker) so was wondering what potential causes/problems could be... or is it due to just wearing pads?

Another curious note, I have noticed that if I am at traffic lights and I lift my foot off the brake pedal and then apply the handbrake, the pedal sinks slighty - I havent noticed this before, is this normal?

Thanks in advance
Mk4 Fiesta brakes - Moby
Sorry - I bought the car in June 2002.


Mk4 Fiesta brakes - greaser pv
Suggest you remove rear brake drums and check shoes / cylinders etc if O.K. adjust shoes ignoring auto adjuster.
Mk4 Fiesta brakes - madf
Could be:
1. worn or rusty discs. Do you have alloy wheels, wash car and then leave it? Sure as eggs are eggs, discs will corrode and eventually you will get a rust build up/ ridges if you do not use the car a lot.
2. Could be worn pads - see above
3. As suggested could be worn rear brake linings.. judging the mileage this is most unlikely unless your handbrake cable is left partially on/rusted on.. which is possible .. see 1> above.

I'd try 1 first - easy visual inspection.. and easist to do.
Then jack up rear wheels and try rotating wheels with handbrake off ( wheels chocked etc for safety...)



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