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Hi again
What do you reckon is the best way to sell a car? I know that sounds stange, but I personally would be wary of paying over £5000 for a car advertised privately...I mean, do you pop over to see the car and part with a cheque (or whatever) for that kinda dosh? I have only ever gone via garages with a trade in deal...but they should wear masks (highway robbers!!)
And, another accurate do you think the Parkers estimates are?

selling cars - PB
Autotrader works best for me, the most I have sold a car for that way is over £18k.
selling cars - JuC
yeah I will have a look at their website...thanks!
selling cars - Dynamic Dave
Last time I sold a car though AutoTrader (3 yrs ago), I had more calls from canvassers trying to get me to advertise with them than people who were interested in buying the car. Does anyone know if this still happens?
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Depends what your motives are.

Once had a car that "had" to go at any price, I just called the local "we buy your car for cash" man from the local rag and ended up not as bad off as I thought I might (got about £1600, I thought I might get £2000 by advertising).

Also had a wonderful experience selling a Rover Sterling through on line Autotrader - I deliberately priced it realistically, but was almost deluged by calls. One time waster, the second guy bought it for near asking price. Cheap to advertise, and becoming more popular daily.

Paying out hard earned cash is always risky - so is accepting it - see today's thread here re stolen bankers draft. I would only buy for significant cash privately if I liked "the cut of the jib" of the seller, i.e. nice area, nice people, car looked right, house etc did too. Partly on the scary assumption that if they act and live like I do, then they must be OK.

selling cars - JuC
yes that is sound advice...although it could apply to me too as I may sell that way. Fortunately I am in a nice area in a nice house maybe that will help.


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