engine stalling on a vx 2.0 16v auto - GTINash
Engine stalls at low revs i.e. when slowing down with foot off accelerator.
Also after car has stopped with auto gear still in drive, engine ticking over
at correct revs, gear shift is moved to park then revs increase to 1000 plus
for a few seconds then engine stalls suddenly. This is an intermittent problem as stalling does not always occur especially when starting from cold it could take over 20 miles (40 minutes) for stalling to happen.
It is possible to prevent stalling by watching rev counter when slowing down
and moving gear shift to third or second gear thus keeping engine revs above
1000 until car stops and engine returns to normal 610 rpm, then stalling will not occur.

the car is a vauxhall omega CDX 2.0 16V auto T reg
any ideas??

many thanx
engine stalling on a vx 2.0 16v auto - Dizzy {P}
I think this could be anything from low fluid level (check when hot with engine running) at one extreme to a sticking uni-directional clutch at the other.

Firstly, has the fluid level been checked?
Also, is 610 rev/min the specified 'normal' for this car? -- It sounds a bit low.

If it is not one or other of the above, I think it would be best to get a reputable auto transmission specialist to diagnose the fault.

For example, there may be a 'stall test' for checking that the torque converter is working OK but this test must be carried out exactly as specified for any particular gearbox. It involves chocking the wheels and then flooring the accelerator in Drive and checking the tacho reading.
engine stalling on a vx 2.0 16v auto - Dynamic Dave
It sounds like the ISCV (Idle Speed Control Valve) is gummed up.
I've done a quick search for you and found a couple of similar threads that might help.


engine stalling on a vx 2.0 16v auto - Dizzy {P}
I think I read too much into the mention of the gearbox and DD's suggestion is likely to be nearer the mark than mine.
engine stalling on a vx 2.0 16v auto - kitchpoo
9 times out of 10 its the throttle body needing a clean with carb cleaner - very common


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