Vauxhall Insignia - auto lights - bucca

really annoying the auto lights are very reluctant to turn off after i have gone under a bridge or like wise even with a clear blue sky! on the other hand they are reluctant to come on when its dull and raining making them feel useless is the sensor faulty or is this a problem with auto lights as my old mondeo,s auto lights were not much better,also is it possible to tighten the rear view mirror as it shakes when driving as speed

Vauxhall Insignia - auto lights - TeeCee

they are reluctant to come on when its dull and raining

It may be dull and rainy to you, but there's still a lot of light coming down from the sky and that's what the sensor's looking at. Auto lights are very good at spotting when it's dark, but in daylight hours they often need to be overridden.

One of my "pet hates" is the number of idiots running around in low morning mist with no lights, as they are relying on the automatic sensor to do their thinking for them. The sky can be quite bright in such conditions, even when horizontal visibility is seriously reduced. DRLs have made this worse, as the plod don't seem to bother pulling people over for having no rear lights on.....


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