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BMW 3 Series Touring - Steering Vibration on BMW - Wild Oat

In the current newsletter from HJ there is a query re cause of steering vibration. The cause is given as worn suspension bushes. I can offer an alternative - (and possibly more correct) cause.

I had identical symptoms to the original questioner where v frightening steering vibration occured for no apparent reason after driving for some time and then following some braking. The problem was intermitent in occurence, would last for a few minutes and then disappear and had no relation to road surface. It could then reappear again for no apparent reason.

I too suspected worn suspension bushes but my indipendant BMW garage (Bentons of Ely) identified the problem as being due to a binding front brake caliper. So - a new caliper, two new discs and a new set of front brake pads completely cured the problem AND gave me a much livelier motor with much better fuel consumption.

Bentons quoted a similar occurence with another customer who had similar problems after driving the length of the M11. No problems for most of the journey but with an increase in use of the brakes when nearing the end of the M11 steering judder occured - problem due to brake caliper binding

BMW 3 Series Touring - Steering Vibration on BMW - Collos25

Highly unusual but not unheard of normaly as HJ suggested your problem was intermitant and point in direction of the brakes the symptoms as reported to HJ suggested bushes but you have that pleasure to come.


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