Peugeot 307 - aftermarket particulate filter additive - olivier74

I get the warning light for particulate filter blocked coming once every week or so and it seems that I need to refill the additive. Looking at my Haynes manual, vehicules manufactured from Nov 2002 require EOLYS 176. My car is a 03 reg, first registered in june 2003. I guess I will have to check with a Peugeot dealer if it was really manufactured after nov2002 otherwise it would need the EOLYS DPX42.

The car is a 307 2.0HDi 110bhp

Would anyone know anything about non EOLYS additives?I was looking on the net at JLM PAT fluid DPF Cleaner. It says it replaces EOLYS 176 and DPX 42. Haynes manual mention that EOLYS 176 and DPX42 are not mixeable or interchangeable so wondered if that EOLYS replacement can really replace both, hence asking if anyone has used it.


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