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Brand new to the forum - so I hope I'm doing this right.

Anyway are there any old (and I mean old) Casal Moped riders out there. I started on a Honda PC50 on my 16th birthday, but within 6 months has swapped it in for a Casal K190 (Fizzy killer!!).

I have been trying all routes to get hold of a K190 for about 4 years but without any joy - so I thought it might be nice to at least talk to other owners (so we can all regress by about 38 years).

By the way I have managed to get hold of a K196 which I had a quick ride around on 6 weeks ago - and is now dismantled for a full resoration. It can then sit next to my Suzi X7, 1980 GSX750 (first square headlight in th UK)

OK enough waffle - anyone want to talk Casal's??

K190 - Anybody remember Casal mopeds?? - quicky


I had a 1973 Casal K190 when i was sixteen mine was bronze with chrome sides on the tank. A freind of mine had a red one.

I saw a 1974 one exactly the same as mine on ebay about 5 years ago, and i bought it.

It was a runner when i bought it. so i had a quick ride around the block on it. My sons had a go and had a bit of a laugh at it, because compared with the mopeds today it gutless.

My youingest son at that time had a YZR 50 which was pretty nippy.

I still have the K190, Ive not done anything with it yet though, it's all original except the speedo its, in pretty good condition. although it's a 74 bike it wasn't registered until 1977.

and i was told it was kept in a motorbike shop for many years and not used.

I have often wondered if anybody every remembers them.

They were a really good bike back then one of the quickest 50s

It was better to ride than my mate fantic chopper


K190 - Anybody remember Casal mopeds?? - casal

Hi lee would you be intrested in selling youre k190 if you still have it.all the best steve.my email address is steven.dunkley@hotmail.com

K190 - Anybody remember Casal mopeds?? - nick62

One of the lads I used to knock around with back in the seventies had one. He is a couple of years older than me, so I guess it would be 1976 and it was at least a couple of years old then. IIRC, it had a bronze colour tank with chrome sides?

Like all the European mopeds of the time, it was quicker than the Japanese ones, but more fragile.

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K190 - Anybody remember Casal mopeds?? - tdc

In 1976/7 I lived in a small village near a 90deg approach to a railway bridge,the exit of which also kinked 90deg.A lad I sometimes hung around with used to approach and depart said bridge in attempted speedway style on his yellow Casal.I thought he looked a bit of a prat but he went on to become a top Speedway rider who captained his team.

Don`t think the poor bike lasted his thrashings that long though.

Made in Spain weren`t they?

At the time,I had just upgraded from a nippy Puch Sport to a D14 Bantam and a load of us on AP 50s,Fizzies etc used to go for a spin but one bike stood out ,and that was the twin-exhaust Malagutti,my poor old thrifty steed struggled to keep ahead of that nifty fifty.

K190 - Anybody remember Casal mopeds?? - casal

Hi there i have a casal phantom 5 . my first moped was the k190 and then the st50 and then the phantom 5.when i was 16 i was doing my apprentership as a motor mechanic and working on theese bikes as well'if you would like to talk more then you can email me. my email address is steven.dunkley@hotmail.com .Hope to here from you in the future

K190 - Anybody remember Casal mopeds?? - RaineMan

I had to google the Casal as I could not remember it. Around forty years ago I ran a Honda SS50. The majority of sports moped owners in my area ran Yamaha FS1Es. One had a Fantic Chopper! I progressed from mine to an old Triumph T20 Cub - a mini Bonneville for an impoverished lad! Happy days though! :)

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K190 - Anybody remember Casal mopeds?? - David Nicholson
I had a SS4 i think thought it was really cool my mate who raced TZ Yamaha's and re-ported it It absolutely flew but when you braked it was all over the place ! The bike was the one with the upswept exhaust . I managed to get a set of rectangular mirrors that matched the indicators thought I was the dogs ! Would love to get hold of that one now just for sentimental reasons JDC 342N was the reg !
K190 - Anybody remember Casal mopeds?? - Flybred

I had a red one in 1975 and I swear every time i hear or smell 2 stroke it takes me back. My mate had a FS1E but mine looked better and was quicker(ish). Problem was, it was ver unreliable, kept breaking down on me. At least you could peddle it home.

Great memories though.

K190 - Anybody remember Casal mopeds?? - Oli rag

I had a Suzuki ap50 when i was 16 in 1978, it was faster than most of the fizzies - mainly due to my light weight. The ped i always wanted was a Fantic GT6, I've never seen one on the road, although i did see a GT4 once.

Can't remember ever seeing a sports type Casal, the only ones i remember were the step thru type.

K190 - Anybody remember Casal mopeds?? - tdc

Lived out in the sticks and a neighbour who became P`bro Panthers Speedway captn rode one on the road.Yellow I think,it shifted and he`d tear over the bridge opposite my house in full speedway pose.Spanish weren`t they?I had a Bantam D14 175 so I was seen as a speed target for Fantic,Malaguti,AP50,Fizzy etc riders.My fav out of that lot was the Malaguti,very fast,very trick. It would keep up with the Bantam on most stretches of country roads.Probably had a good rider too,like myself,haha.We are talking knocking on 70mph!

My well put together 4-speed 175 Bantam would later indicate 80mph on a long straight with the wind behind me...no hill required,and speedo wasn`t knackered/dial wasn`t bouncing around :) Engine soon blew though...as did all those little fifties,which of course was the ideal opportunity to tune them.Disc-valve owning riders cutting bits off their discs to alter intake timing etc.Then big-bore kits came along and expansion chambers,bigger jets/carbs,less restrictive air filters,sprocket upgrades etc

Oh yeah,there were some nippy Puch mopeds around too.My dad bought one,I borrowed it and it was a pleasant and nippy little bike....almost a motorbike really.

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K190 - Anybody remember Casal mopeds?? - Harry61

Just came across this thread while trying to do some research on a K190 I recetly found in an old shed.

These early ones seem really rare now, cant find any others for sale so dont know how much they are worth

Anyhow for anyone thats interested I have just stuck it on ebay at a starting price slightly under what I paid for it

K190 - Anybody remember Casal mopeds?? - Chesty

Is your K196 a 1976 original?

They're a beautiful moped.
Should be worth a pretty penny following a good restoration job!

K190 - Anybody remember Casal mopeds?? - ThomasR

Hi, I fondly remember mine... a Bronze with Chrome Tank model... bought used at a dealer in Sunderland (Joseph Terrace... opposite the model shop?). It had very few miles & looked new... on an M plate (1974). As others have said it was (seemed) faster than FSIE's & SS50's... it certainly was a looker. I loved the 5 speed box, but it was a bit of an art hitting the gears on the way up... I was never sure if it was worn/abused, or if that was just the way they were. My mate had a Honda SS50 & it had a much better box. One time the spark plug ceramic tip exploded & showered fragments of ceramic around... fortunately no major damage, but it kept having pre-ignition issues when running under load... I finally traced that to a few pieces of ceramic embedded into the piston crown!.... once fished out it was back to normal. I'd love one again as a resto project if anyone has one for sale. I finally as an oldie have a double garage & all the gear. I happen to have a NOS full Indicator - in the factory plastic bag & with its parts tag... it's in MINT condition, so if anyone is interested drop me a line. I bought it about 20 years ago as my first EBAY purchase (nostalgic buy!). Great bikes. I sold mine to a young guy in Hartlepool... saw it at The Headland Pier a few years later... it was looking a sorry case unfortunately, so expect it was sc***ped not long after. Bigger bikes then Reliants (getting older & soft) followed before cars. xxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com

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