Replacement for Peugeot 505 - Richard S
I have an elderly Peugeot 505 GTi Family Estate which has served the family well for many years. However, though mechanically it's still pretty good, various bits are starting to drop off/not work! Replacement time! I still need 6-7 seats, big enough for teenagers (not small!), but I also need the flexibility to take loads of luggage to university. I have a budget of around £7000 - £9000. I'd also like something that won't cost me a fortune in repair bills and be as economical as possible to run. (I know not many people want a car like this...!) Any suggestions, based on all the collective wisdom and experience out there? And if you know anyone who wants a 505 that still has some life in it....Thank you!
Replacement for Peugeot 505 - DavidHM
I think lots of people want a car like this. It's called an MPV though.

Probably the best for your budget are the Espace and Sharagalhambra; the Previa, though reliable, is difficult to work on.

A diesel is likely to be high mileage within your budget but the Galaxy 2.3 petrols really aren't that bad - better than the VW 2.0 anyway. A five year old with about 70k should easily be within budget too. A new shape car will be over £10,000.

A diesel Espace will be just about within your budget if you look or haggle hard and, given that you like big soft French cars, you'll feel completely at home. MPVs don't really do 7+ luggage but if you must do that, a Grand Espace is your only option unless you're willing to swallow the fuel bills on a Chrysler Voyager. (Also, the shape you'd get within your budget has an appalling crash test score.)

I was going to suggest the 806/Synergie as a cheaper alternative, though it looks like a van, but with the economical HDi diesel engine they're all way over your budget for some reason. An Espace from an independent dealer looks a much better bet.


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