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I have a 2006 Mondeo TDCI Ghia (full service history, 47k miles) and have read all of the conversations regarding black smoke and issues with the EGR Valve. Having cleaned the valve and having had the car in with a Ford dealer for a week now, I am pulling my hair out - Ford says it can find no faults with the car. They remapped the ECU and while the (always black) smoke is significantly less than before, it is nevertheless present, particularly on the motorway, with small depressions of the accelerator in 4th and 5th gear.

I cleaned out the existing EGR valve in accordance with all of the blogs (but not the mainfold itself) and have had the fuel filter replaced. I only use Shell V Power fuel, and I have tried the 'italian tune-up' alluded to in a number of conversations.

Recently, I decided to see what happened if I simply unplugged the EGR's electronic connection - and while there is an initial puff of smoke in the initial accelartion thereafter, it basically disappears in its entirety after that - no smoke whatsoever irrespective of how I drive.

Performance has never been an issue - it has remained smooth throughout this episode - and no warning lights on the dash have ever appeared. No wooshing noise and no loss of power or poor fuel economy - reckon I'm getting about 50mpg iaw computer...

So - what do I do now? I want to avoid the engine warning light coming on and am therefore reluctant to leave the egr unplugged permanently. I am also nervous about fitting one of the blanking plates - I appreciate many have written that there is no risk and that the EGR is for EU legal purposes only, but I cannot help but think there might be some second order unintended consequences.

I have ordered a brand new EGR (genuine ford part) off of ebay for just £80 - but will replacingit simply make matters worse. My theory is that the EGR is sticking open - after reconnecting the electronics, there is only limited black smoke for about an hour, but then it comes back.

So my questions are as follows, and would be extremely grateful for any advice.

1. Shall I replace the EGR valve with the one I have just bought, or will thatmake it worse?

2. If after disconnecting the EGR electronically, an engine warning light comes on (blogs suggest this will happen after a few days), will it simply go out again when I reconnect - or do I need to get a ford dealer to reset it.

3. Does fitting a blank also bring about an engine warning light.

4. Does fitting a blank lead to other second order consequences - premature wear of the engine, etc.

The car has only done 47k prior to me buying it 5 weeks ago - and I guess the previous owner only did little trips about town, but when I cleaned the valve out, it didn't seem that bad at all - but I do not have the mitac pump to check whether it is opening and shutting as required. I have tried doing the italian tune-up throughout a subseuqnet 2000 miles, but things are not getting any better.


Matt S

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Ford diesels tended to be a little smoky under 'tip in' transients. Basically, Ford were a little generous with the fuelling whilst off-boost and smoke is inevitable.

From a technical perspective, fitting a blanking plate won't cause any additional wear or MOT problems (apart from the MIL). But NOx emissions will soar. It won't be detected at MOT, but it might bother yiu from an environmental perspective. If economy and throttle response are acceptable with operational EGR then there's no reason to worry.

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Have you raised the issue on the Ford Mondeo owners club site? I found it very good.

If the car is legal for emssions and Ford say there is nothing wrong, and the car performs as it should what is the problem?

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Could black smoke on acceleration be due to a boost leak somewhere, which only opens up with the turbo boosting? These leaks can be hard to find but oily spatter / residue might indicate the location. Worth checking all pressure pipe work and the intercooler itself to rule out.

Ford diesels seem to be a bit smoky on initial acceleration anyway. My old Focus used to smoke noticeably if I tried to accelerate hard and the engine was off-boost. Should not continue to smoke on sustained acceleration though.

Another thought is could the ECU have lost the injector codes, as each injector is individually coded to the ECU? I would have thought the Ford remap would have sorted this, though.

Can't see the original post now I'm replying, but is it possible to log actual vs. expected EGR flow while driving, to prove the EGR valve is operating correctly?

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Normaly you will hear a Turbo boost leak as the revs go up with large throttle openings. EGR issues are noticed by the drop in power.. Ford diesels smoke like gooduns but have you tried injector cleaner and a good belt down the motorway? If this is the 1800 Endura engine the codes show very little unless its a complete failure, for instance engine overheat is not stored on my car.

Have you changed the air and fuel filter ?

Finaly,If it goes OK and passes an mot on emissions, stop worrying!!


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