What Should I do? - Clear Spot
Whilst walking to the station this morning, I witnessed a car reverse out of his drive and into an Audi parked on the street opposite. As he quickly drove off without investigating, it seems likely that he will not contact the Audi owner. I feel morally obliged to do something, esp. as I was the only witness, although the damage did not seem great in the darkness, it will undoubtedly cost money to rectify.
I am reluctant to make personal contact due to risk of retribution (and it is also not clear which house the Audi belonged to).
I would appreciate advice from backroomers ? I have thought of dropping a line to the local police with the appropriate reg. no?s.

What Should I do? - RichL
If I were in your position, I'd call the local Police station and let them know what you saw.
If the Audi owner contacts the police concerning the accident the details ought to tally with your statement somewhere along the line. I'm not sure of the insurance situation, but he might have to report it to the police in order to make a claim under his own policy.
What Should I do? - No Do$h
I witnessed a similar incident and left a discrete note under the wiper of the damaged car with a note of the offending car and my number for witness purposes. Suggest you also notify police so if the offending motorist spots it and gives you grief you can casually mention this to them. Should save you from any trouble.

If you leave it on the wiper furthest from the house where the car emerged from they are unlikely to see it.

Hmmm, may change my pet-hate on my profile from tailgaters to those that damage cars then scarper.

COuld you let us all know what happens?
No Dosh - but then who has?
What Should I do? - Chas{P}
Many years ago my mothers car was damaged while I was using it.

Someone left an anonymous note on the windscreen witnessing the accident just saying what type of car it was and the reg number. A few days later by pure chance saw offending car parked outside a house nearby. Checked a couple more times over the next few days and it was still there.

Went to the library and checked the electoral roll and worked out who the keeper would have been. Phoned directory enquiries and obtained phone number. Called offender and asked about said incident. She flatly denied all knowledge at first but caved in when a witness was mentioned.

All sorted out through insurance from that point onwards.

What Should I do? - BB
Oooh what a dilemma!
In cases like this, I always put myself in the position of plaintiff. If someone had done this to your car, and someone left a note on your windscreen saying they witnessed it and left a number, I would be eternally grateful.
I dont think you should consider yourself a "grass" if you do tell them. You are just telling the truth, and if everyone in todays world told the truth, what a better world it would be!

Good luck!
What Should I do? - peterb
Agree with BB.

Like the Man said, "Do to others as you would have them do to you."

What Should I do? - volvod5_dude
Clear Spot,

I can't really understand your dilema, if you have witnessed a crime report it to the Police. It's an offence to leave the scene of an accident. A guy tried the same trick in the town where I live, someone reported him and he was done for careless driving and I think he got 6 penalty points. So do your duty and report it!


What Should I do? - Toad, of Toad Hall.
Agree with BB.
Like the Man said, "Do to others as you would have
them do to you."

Trouble is there are two 'others' who would wish for exact opposite courses of action.

I'd put the details under the windscreen of the offended against car. I wouldn't tell the police. (last time I reported a driving offence against me *I* was given a producer and had to take time off work to go to the rozzer station at a time when they were open - which was exclusively times when criminals don't operate...) They always punish the victim.
These are my own opinions, and not necessarily those of all Toads.
What Should I do? - Oz
Calls to mind the old chestnut where the offending driver gets out and writes (as it appears to bystanders) a confessional note which he/she places under the w/wiper of the crashee.
The note actually reads: "Sorry about your trashed car. These people watching me actually think I'm leaving my name and address."
What Should I do? - bazza
A few years ago, while working on my brother in laws car parked on the road in Bristol, we were witness to a hefty shunt almost underneath our noses. Panda car turned up in about 5 mins and we felt obliged to give a statement as one party was clearly at fault, while the other had given way. After Plod had done his bit and gone, we were suddenly surrounded by the driver at fault plus several of his mates who demanded to know what we had told the police. We were then accused of being racist (which I assure you we are not) and the atmosphere started to turn hostile. Just as I was beginning to fondle the monkey wrench in my overall pocket and thinking it might come in useful (pointless really as we were totally outnumbered!), the situation was diffused by other family members arriving on the scene and calming Mr Irate and his friends down and that was that. But for a long time afterwards my BIL expected a brick through his window which fortunately never came.
Having said all that, I would always give details as a witness and have done since, just be aware of possible consequences especially if you live nearby.


What Should I do? - Hugo {P}
I saw a similar incident in a Plymouth car park.

A newish camper van backed into a Rover 200 and did significant paint damage to the wing.

The passenger got out, had a good look and then got back in the camper, the camper then drove off. All this happened in front of a number of witnesses.

On seeing the damage, I ran out of the car park, took the reg number of the van and left this on a piece of paper with my home telephone number.

No problems, just a call from an insurance company to ask if I would give my address to allow them to send me a witness form. This duly arrived and was returned full of info.

I just hope they nailed the B******!

As opposed to your phone number, you could leave any of the following:

Fax number
E mail address
Work phone number
Box number
Local police officer to go through
etc etc.

Do the right thing mate, you'd appreciate it if it was done for you!
What Should I do? - puntoo
Recently while sitting in my car at an ASDA car park I witnessed a driver pull up and his passenger opened the door, it was a windy day and the wind took the door from his hand and smacked into a car parked next to it.

Both stood there examined the dent in the car, got back in the car and drove off. I took the car reg and reported it to the reception in ASDA.

The bloke phoned me that evening and was really chuffed that someone had bothered to take down the details. He contacted the police and they contacted the owner of the car and made them hand over details of their insurance. No comeback on me, and I didn't even have to complete a witness form.

There is no excuse and if you dont report incidents like this then you can hardly complain when others dont come to your aid.

As a side thought this person could have no insurance hence the reason for driving off.

What Should I do? - Bromptonaut
I was the victim in similar circs a year ago. Either a people mover or a 4wd put a ding the size of a dinner plate in the door of my Xantia. Don't know when or where (but either locally or in Grafton gate car park MK)it happened, don't see the car in daylight from sunday eve to Saturday morning at this time of year. can't believe the culprit did not know though. Would have rewarded any reliable witness, one more strike and bang goes my protected NCD.
What Should I do? - Clear Spot
Thanks to all, of course I agree with the gist that to do nothing is not an option. For the record, this is what I did:
I informed the police of incident and details, gave my details and obtained a crime number.
I then put a note on the victims windscreen - detailing what I saw and the crime number and to contact the police to follow up.

btw - the police were very helpful, and though this was a minor incident, I was not made to feel I was wasting their time. However, they have no intention of taking any initiative, even though an offence was committed.
What Should I do? - No Do$h
Good for you clear spot.
No Dosh - He who dies with the most toys wins.


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