ABS warning light - catalyst
Dear users,
The warning light on my S-Reg 21,000 miles Daewoo Lanos has just come on today. The brake fluid is fine -no apparent leak- and was replaced 5 months ago by dealer, although it had not been done before judging by the service guide (when the same guide says it should be done every 2 years- I've had it 16 months.
It also says that the vehicle's brake system operates conventionally without ABS function.
So what could have happened ?
Is this serious ? an urgent matter ? potentially costly ?
Thanks a lot for yr invaluable opinion, Catalyst
ABS warning light - RichardW
The most likely cause is that one of the wheel sensors has packed up. It could also be the main power relay, or the ECU itself. You will need to get the computer interogated by the garage to find out.

The ABS has gone into 'emergency' mode - you wil have normal braking, but the ABS will not function. This is an MOT fail. It should be sorted at your convenience, but it is not 'dangerous'.

ABS warning light - the conductor
father in laws daewoo nexia had same problem. was a combination of duff front wheel sensor and corroded trigger wheels on cv joints. if you have voltmeter use resistance to measure across the multi plug for each wheel sensor if one has no cotinuity its this is the duff one. clean trigger wheels with brass brush in electric drill. this will remove the rust and ensure a good magnetic trigger for the sensor. sensors are around £60 from daewoo make sure you buy a new mount for it as well. the sensors are steel cased and the mount ali so they corrode together. i know this from experience.
ABS warning light - Cyd
Have a look at


might be worth taking the same advice reference painting the mounting blocks.
ABS warning light - catalyst
Thanks to you all for yr replies. Now it appears that the fault is intermittent, the ABS warning light will come up one day for the duration of the journey to work say, but will not come up on the next day. What is the most likely cause of problem in this case ?
Thanks again for your help
ABS warning light - terryb
Or with the weather we've been having it could just be dirt on one of the sensors - I had this with one of my XMs - quick clean-up and all was well.
ABS warning light - rg
The sensors can collect shards of metal and cause faults, so I understand. A quick wipe of mine seemed to sort them out (temporarily)

Terry B - Any hints on tyre choice for the XM?

ABS warning light - terryb
I always stuck to the Michelin XZXs that came as standard. Reasonable cost from ATS (CSMA discount) and I got c30k from the fronts - never remember replacing the rears. Tell a lie - the 6th puncture in one rear caused me to replace it. Gone are the days when they just stuck an inner tube in it!

ABS warning light - catalyst
Thank you all for your replies. It appears now that the fault is intermittent. The ABS warning light will come up on day for the duration of the journey to work say, but will not come up the next day. What is the most likely case of problem in this case ?
Thanks again for your help, Catalyst
ABS warning light - the conductor
as i said in my earlier post check front wheel sensors. these are the most likely cause for your problem.
ABS warning light - Cyd
read my posts in


you'll find the most likely explanation there since you seem to have the same design fault as Rover 800s (steel sensor in mazak housing).
ABS warning light - catalyst
Well thanks a lot again.
Cyd, where did you get yr secondhand sensors ? I need to ascertain it's the front/rear sensors before I order anything
(but I am sure you're right !) As I don't have an ohmeter, do you reckon they could check them if an ordinary garage (not Daewoo dealer) and get the parts for me (even new, are they difficult to get or would they have to order them from Daewoo ?) I'd love to try (following yr instructions on the site you've recommended) but really don't have the timea as I work 70/80 +hrs a week. Again Cyd and the others, thanks a lot for yr invaluable help.
ABS warning light - MikeC
I have a 1992 Cavalier (Daewoo used old Vauxhall technology to start with so may apply to the Lanos?). Anyway when both brake lights are not working (ie blown or take out) the ABS will switch off and the ABS light stays on permanently.

This problem had my garage confused and they were going to change the sensors, I remembered reading something about the brake lights in the manual and investigated to find they had both blown. I replaced them and the ABS light went out as normal and the problem was curred.

Needless to say my dad (it was his car at the time) was over the moon as replacing the sensors was going to cost him a fortune.

Don't expect this applies to you as yours is an intermitant problem but a useful costing saving piece of advice none the less.
ABS warning light - Cyd
I got my sensors from a specialist Rover breaker. Sorry, don't know any for Daewoo.

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