Nissan Micra 1995 - Nissan Micra 1995 Auto. Power Loss/Kangaroos. - hottie

I have had enough of my little car.

Nissan Micra 1995 (998 cc I think) Automatic.

I have had major power loss for a long while. It will loss power like a wind up toy is getting to the end!!! Then it will stall. I restart, and it does the same. While driving, the power dips, the lights dim and it kangaroos. Its getting worse. In a 10 min drive, I stalled 15 times!!

It feels like it is losing revs. When I slow down, the power dips, if I try to speed up, it dips. I haven't driven it on a major road for over a year now!

Been to numerous garages who "can't see the problem" despite me telling them to take it for a 10 minute drive.

Fuel Pump= changed.

Distrubtion cap=cleaned

Spark plus=changed.

I can not afford to keep trying different things. I can't even afford to get it to a garage for a diagnositic.

Someone suggested Fuel Injectors.


Nissan Micra 1995 - Nissan Micra 1995 Auto. Power Loss/Kangaroos. - elekie&a/c doctor

This could be the well known fault with the throttle body.The soldered connections inside need re-flowing with a soldering iron.Any competent techie would have come across this problem before and know how to fix it.Takes less than an hour.hth


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