V5s - Toad, of Toad Hall.
V5 is the log book/registration doc, yeah?

I bought my car, took the red and green tear off strip signed by the owner, leaving him with the document itself to send off. (As it says on the doc itself)

I've had nothing in the post yet and will need to renew in 2 months.

Can I use the tear off strip (the one for the new owner) even if the previous owner hasn't sent his section off?

Up until now I was *pleased* I hadn't got the registration doc because of the camera problem.

What action should I take? Sending off the log book is clearly the previous owners responsibility.
These are my own opinions, and not necessarily those of all Toads.
V5s - volvoman
I might be wrong Toad but isn't it supposed to be the other way round ? The original owner fills in and sends off the slip at the bottom of the form (Notification of Sale or Transfer) and you get the top portion of the V5 and have to fill out the reverse of it in order to get a new document in your name. That's how I've always done it anyway. HTH
V5s - frostbite
Correct, you are wrong!
V5s - volvoman
Frostbite (very apt at present) I have my V5 in front of me now and the reverse of the bottom tear off section states:

"You must fill in the NOST slip overleaf and send it to DVLC yourself to show that you are no longer resposnible for this vehilce or its use."

It goes on to say:

"Give the top part of the this document to the NEW KEEPER who must fill in the section above and return the document immediately to the DVLC. A new registration document will then be issued."
V5s - M.M
Blimey Volvoman, how long since you moved or changed cars...that's a vintage V5!

V5s - volvoman
Ahhhh... - all is revealed ! Bought the car in 1997 and moved here in 1986. So that's what we pay the blighters for then is it ? To turn the old form upside-down.

Mind you, when someone can go and obtain the Home Secretary's birth certificate and then a driving licence in his name without any alarm bells ringing, nothing surprises me anymore.

ps. Is it possible that Toad's V5 was an 'antique' too and that's why he hasn't heard anything back ?
V5s - frostbite
Delighted to see we are both right (or wrong) volvoman. I think the procedure on your V5 makes more sense - must be the reason it was changed, that will never do.
V5s - John S

Nope toad is right. Current V5's leave the new (private) owner with the Green V5/2 section and the seller sends off the main part.

I believe you can tax the car with the green V5/2 section.


John S
V5s - Toad, of Toad Hall.
I believe you can tax the car with the green V5/2

Thanks John. That's what I'd hoped!

Very silly of the previous owner not to send it off. If he has to explain who was driving through a Safety Camera at 71mph I certainly won't be helping him. A refusal to identify the driver conviction is assured for him.

These are my own opinions, and not necessarily those of all Toads.
V5s - Andrew-T
Volvoman - slightly off topic - I sold a 205 privately with some tax remaining a couple of years ago. When the refunds came out for the revised emission-based rates, its new owner had not yet written to DVLA, so I got the £55 rebate for the old car as well as its replacement!
V5s - Vin {P}
What I see here is a great buying opportunity at auction for a handful of people who can either (a) afford to buy a vehicle and keep it off the road for a few weeks or (b) don't give a stuff about the law and will run a car for a few weeks untaxed. Prices of cars at auction sans V5 are going to plummet (as pointed out in today's auction report on Micras). Unfortunately, I don't fit in either group.

Alternatively, and more likely, this will mean that sellers will have to get their act in gear or accept the cost of not having the V5 when selling.

V5s - eMBe {P}
Question for HJ or other traders:

The new V5 rule is unlikely to trouble most private sellers. The real question is, what are the traders going to do now - because from my experience of visiting auctions, it seems that a very large number of cars are sold without V5s. I bought ex-central cars twice and both times the auctioneer had said V5 to follow. However, the rental companies - in both cases - when chased a week or two later said "V5 has been misplaced, cannot be found, and so you will have to apply via a V62".

So tell us HJ, what are the trade and rental/hire fleets going to do now?
V5s - Cliff Pope
Can one buy a car without a V5 and 'SORN' it, as opposed to taxing it, immediately?
If so, one could quite legally drive the car home by calling in at a pre-arranged MOT test on the way.
Just a thought, if like me you sometimes buy old bangers for spares.
V5s - hispecgolfs

You won't believe the trouble I had when I was selling one of my cars. Some guy rang up saying he would buy it and asked for the reg number. Stupidly I gave it to him together with my name and address, not wanting to jeopardise a sale. A day later he hadn't called back as promised so the alarm bells started ringing. Contacted the DVLA and found out he was trying to clone my car, first of all was trying to get a new V5, together with change of address, probably then would have changed the owner?

He must have had a nice stolen Golf GTI 1.8T locked up somewhere, ready to sell!

Be careful!




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