Volvo V70 2002 - Petrol Flap Locking Mechanism - mazda60

Hi All,

My daughters car has suddendly stoppped locking the petrol flap when the car is locked with the key fob.

I can move the plastic pin into the locked position and it retracts when the car is unlocked .Given that it looked like the unit was faulty we replaced it (second -hand) with one that was said to be in full working order.

We still have the same problem.Can anyone help us solve ithis issue?.

I have been told that the ignition has to be switched on after fitting the replacement unit which we did not do or have we bought a duff part.

Your Comments Welcomed.


Volvo V70 2002 - Petrol Flap Locking Mechanism - 659FBE

I borrowed an old petrol S60 whilst my Superb was being serviced. I remember fun and games with the fuel cap - it needed fuel rather too often for my taste so I got to know it.

On this car, if you locked the doors centrally, the fuel flap would stay unlocked for a period of time (about a minute I think) to enable you to open it when fuelling. After the timeout period, it would lock and then the entire car would be locked.

Have a look in the manual if all else fails...

I was really pleased to get my Skoda back and regain legroom, economy and turning circle radius.


Volvo V70 2002 - Petrol Flap Locking Mechanism - mazda60

Many thanks for your reply

I have removed the fuel flap operating unit ,given it a good clen and a spray (connections and operating rod with silicone and refitted it.

When the car is now locked the flap locks after 10 minutes and I have confirmed this several times.

This seems a very long time to me but at least its working again.Anybody and comments !



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