imports - harrison
what do you think about buying a new fiat punto hlx from an importer (motorspoint)
Re: imports - Bobby
Have seen these for 6 Grand brand new at the Fiat Dealer, How much do Motorpoint want for it ?
Re: imports - Dai Watchalowski
Try a search on the forum under motorpoint.....see what it yields
Re: imports - dafydd tomos
try a dealer - they can come pretty close to supermarket prices - and thay'll let you have a test drive without a £200 depositDai Watchalowski wrote:
Re: imports - honestjohn
If a FIAT dealer can sell you a Punto with PAS for £6k with a three year warranty, then that's got to be the deal to go for.

Re: imports - Bobby
I saw them at JCT 600 on the Leeds ring road just by the M621, its next to The Ferrari Garage and not far from the B & Q Warehouse. give them a call.

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