highering the suspension - nicola
I have wrote in before and found the answers to my problem great, my newest problem is my Vauxhall vectra SRI car cannot get over certain speed bumps due to a body kit which was fitted, Rather than a new one be put on is their any way of highering the supension and if so where can it be done, I have tried variuos garages including Halfords, Kwik fit and a Vauxhall dealer with no luck. The only other option I have is to get larger tyres as the current ones are low profile. I look forward to hearing from your suggestions.
highering the suspension - Ian (Cape Town)
Wouldn't if I were you! It will be like on stilts, and markedly affect the road holding.
Likewise with a higher-profile tyre. you'll gain very little, but the road-holding is bound to suffer.
highering the suspension - UncleR
Agreed with Ian on this. The point of the kit is to make to car look low and sleak, high profile tyres or raised suspension will spoil the looks and handling.

Approaching the bumps at an angle *can* work but not always.
highering the suspension - John S
Ian and Uncle R are right. Non-standard tyres wouldn't gain much in height, and would compromise the handling as well as change the gearing. Depending on the age of the SRi, it could be riding lower than the non-SRi model, so the non-SRi springs could raise it. However, both these mods would affect handling, and may compromise your insurance in the event of a claim. This is the classic problem with these body kits. Just remember the American adage 'if it don't scrape, it ain't low!'.


John S
highering the suspension - the conductor
the obvious question is has the car been fitted with aftermarket suspension which has lowered the car below standard height. most of these kits lower a standard car around 35-60mm from standard height this could be the problem. if so just obtain the standard vectra sri springs from vauxhall. if unsure measure the height between the bottom of the sill to the road and compare with figure in haynes manaual
highering the suspension - nicola
the cars suspension hasn't been altered in any way. The problem is the body kit is too low and rather than having it taken off we wondered if their was a way of highering the car, so we don't have to find routes without speed bumbs.
highering the suspension - kithmo
Why not just take another route, avoiding the speed humps altogether, instead of spoiling the car. Alternatively get one of those hydraulic suspension systems that can be raised or lowered from inside the car, like they have on custom cars (expensive though).


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