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Kia Sedona 2.9 CRDi - Car will not start - paul69
Story so far:

i) Pulling away from traffic lights noticed that there was no acceleration (revs) though the car did gradually increase speed. It was as if the car had gone into limp mode. Pulled into ASDA car park and stopped the car. When I tried to start again the car just turned over. RAC came out but they couldn't get me going so flat bedded the car to the garage I use.

ii) Initial diagnosis was the camshaft sensor which I believe was diagnosed from the fault codes. I don't believe the fault was however confirmed by an checks at sensor. They replaced the sensor but car still didn't start.

iii) They then told me that they were not getting an output from the camshaft sensor on pin 2. though there was not mention of the reference voltage to sensor. They then diagnosed the problem to be the ECU. I wasn't prepared to pay the £600+ for a new ECU as I wasn't really convinced that this was going to be the issue. I sourced a used one and all the associated parts (Locks, transponder etc). These were fitted (in very slow time) and the fault was still there.

iv) Again I was told that he still wasn't getting any output from sensor (CMPS) at which point I asked him about the reference voltage to the sensor. The results he was getting at the sensor were 1.3v at pin 1, 0v at pin 2 and Ground at pin 3. I gave the garage some info i had on the 'Common Rail Diesel Fuel System' and I believe and hope that they carried out the correct checks on the harness.

v) The next thing I hear from garage is that all inputs / outputs at ECU are good apart from sensor and he was going to slave in a cable from ECU to sensor and see what we get. Didn't hear back from garage till this morning when he basically said that everything was good to/from ECU apart from the voltage to the Crankshaft sensor. I am not really sure when the fault apparently changed to the CKPS as this is the first time I have heard this sensor mentioned. He has said he doesn't know what else to do now.

I was a little confused at this as i believed the CKPS was an inductive type so therefore has no need for an external voltage. I tried to explain this but was told "the later type of crank sensor is the same configuration as the cam sensor i.e requires a 5 v feed"

So effectively the garage have had my car nearly two months and I am no further forward with this and the car still wont start. I hope all the above makes sense.

Looks like i am going to have to look at this myself so would appreciate any advise on this and some info on where the sensors are located. photos would be really good if anyone has them.

thanks for looking



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