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Leather aroma air freshener - Oz
The current 'bad smell' thread reminds me of a related question:
Aside from our favourite lady wearing Jean Patou 'Joy', most of us find that the most beguiling aroma in a car is that of new leather (and it's probably cheaper). Those of us with actual leather seek to preserve it, those without it probably would love to create it.
Such aroma products certainly exist - somewhere - but I've never been able to find them. Has anyone?
Leather aroma air freshener - No Do$h
I oncew purchased a "leather" fragranced dash-cleaner.

It smelt like a cross between wet cigarette butts and burning paper. Not to be recommended.

Why not buy a couple of offcuts of leather from a decent shoe repair place and leave them by your footwell vents to get wafted around the car :op
No Dosh - but then who has?
Leather aroma air freshener - Oz
Good idea that, very pragmatic - what smells more like leather than leather? I once bought a 'New car smell' freshener ex USA then realised that this meant 'Plastic'.
Leather aroma air freshener - Dave_TD
I use Magic Tree New Car Scent all the time, it doesn't smell anything like a new car, but it's much more pleasant to put up with than Forest Fresh (which smells like pine toilet cleaner), Vanilla (just plain chemicals) or Strawberry (sickeningly overpowering).
I read somewhere that if you openly display your air freshener by hanging it from you mirror you're sending out the subconscious message "I smell"...
I've got an excuse, it's not me, it's the punters.
Leather aroma air freshener - frostbite
Dave, a considerable number of people suffer varying degrees of allergy to these things.

Regardless of which, it's not good for YOUR health spending long shifts breathing the stuff in - it's akin to a mild form of glue-sniffing.

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