Peugeot 406 CD Changer - Technojunkie
I would like to fit a CD changer to my 406 GLX. I have the Philips 4050 head unit and it should just be a case of buying the correct interface cable and unit. Does anyone know which Philips CD changer is compatible with this head unit. Also, how can I remove the 4050 head unit from the dashboard as I do not have the Peugeot extraction tools which came with the car from new as I am the second owner. My local Peugeot dealer says they are not for sale !

Any help and advice would be much appreciated.

Peugeot 406 CD Changer - Technojunkie
I should add that my car is a 1998 model.

Peugeot 406 CD Changer - Dave_TD
Any friendly car audio dealer will have the correct tools and will happily pull the head unit out for you, especially if you buy the changer from him!
Also Halfords garages have the tools, I just popped my head round their door and asked nicely, and one of the mechanics came out to my car and did the business. It may help if you take the V5 registration document and some ID with you to prove that it's your car!
Theoretically the Pug main dealer should be able to do the same.
Peugeot 406 CD Changer - Carl
Have a look here

£200 and it just plugs in

Ask Honest John

Value my car